RC Car Controlled by Arduino and Xbox360 Controller

This is my first Arduino project and my first ever video.

High Concept:
Xbox360 Controller is used to control a RC Car.

Nitty Gritty:
A C++ program runs on a laptop. The program uses an input library called Object Oriented Input System found here, sourceforge.net/projects/wgois/.

The program reads the input from the Xbox360 controller and sends simple data serially through the USB port to the Arduino. The serial library was found here, codeguru.com/cpp/i-n/network/serialcommunications/article.php/c2503.

The car’s original circuit board was ripped out and the Arduino was hooked up to the car’s drive and steering motors. A dual H-bridge motor controller is used to control the motors.

– Supa Charge! Make this run off a RC Car battery rather than USB.
– Go wireless using bluetooth
– Add a wireless camera with pan and tilt functionality
– Add siren leds that toggle on/off when I push a button on the Xbox360 controller

Duration : 0:4:50

[youtube LHLnw9Yt1rk]

26 thoughts on “RC Car Controlled by Arduino and Xbox360 Controller

  1. @lucirz The H …
    @lucirz The H bridge was just a motor controller integrated circuit that I bought. Google L298N.

  2. @TheLithman I have …
    @TheLithman I have a detailed project page at creeperbot.blogspot. It has a parts list and pictures. It also has the source code. Also, check out my Arduino Creeper Bot video.

  3. can you make a full …
    can you make a full tutorial on this please and give my the link

  4. How did you get the …
    How did you get the xbox code to your computer? and how did you sen it to the arduino

  5. Can you tell me …
    Can you tell me what chip and how you wired the motor controller. And also wondering why you used a wired controller and not a wireless one. Not criticizing just wondering.

  6. @gamerfourm217 I’m …
    @gamerfourm217 I’m sorry. I don’t really understand what you are asking for. Do you have a specific question about Visual Studio? If you have Visual Studio installed, then it should only be a simple matter of opening the solution file and compiling the code.

  7. Will you do a …
    Will you do a Visual Studio 2008 tutorial? I uninstalled it since I didn’t know basic programming. I’ll reinstall it if you do the tutorial in basic programming and advanced programming like this.

  8. @JDX2010 Yeah, it …
    @JDX2010 Yeah, it would work on a petrol car, my only concern would be that you would shell out the dough for a nice car, rip out the guts, get frustrated with the project, and be out the money and a car. I had a car lying around, so it wasn’t a big deal for me.

    I would definitely recommend using Xbee radios rather than blue tooth. Check out a later video of the car by searching for Arduino Creeper bot. He is my project page, creeperbot.blogspot.com.

  9. dude ur project is …
    dude ur project is so coolbutu do know u can use the 360 pad on wireles but still all in all gr8 car dude

  10. @hustletv …
    @hustletv Apparently in the RC World, what he used is a ‘Chinese mass production crap’ RC car, I’m doing a similar project and building a safety system in it by using a sensor and overruling the PWM signals running from the receiver to the ESC, but I’ve got the same car and ‘professional’ RC cars haven’t got any PCB’s in them at all…

  11. hows the project …
    hows the project coming along? im interested in doing something similar but for a rc helicopter.

  12. how did you get …
    how did you get forward/backward going with steering at the same time? I think it’s simple but i seem to be stuck :/ thank you!

  13. In the RC World, …
    In the RC World, what you took out is called an ESC (Electronic Speed Control), and the steering is controlled by a SERVO.

    Dope project!

  14. Hey, I am currently a student working on a project and was doing something similar to this. I was wondering whether or not you would be able to help me out and we can converse privately.

    Thank you.


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