Arduino / PIC Programmer Board

A useful little board that can be used to program both the 28 pin arduino and 18&40 pin PIC microcontrollers. This is very easy to build, and is a cheap alternative to the development boards currently available. Check out my other videos on the standalone arduino and PIC programming to see how all of the connections are made.

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  1. kdarrah1234 Avatar

    @BzM0Dz no clue… …
    @BzM0Dz no clue… sorry

  2. BzM0Dz Avatar

    is this used to pre …
    is this used to pre-program xbox 360 8 mode mod chips or no

  3. dodgedart74 Avatar

    very nice! im such …
    very nice! im such a noob when it comes to arduino, but this looks increadible

  4. kdarrah1234 Avatar

    Thanks …

    Thanks for watching! You should be able to program the chip the same as you would normally, if you plug the standalone into the main board’s socket. Just remove the other chip carefully. The RX/TX method should work as well, but don’t forget to connect the reset pin as well. Try that out.

  5. numex106 Avatar

    Great! I love ur …
    Great! I love ur vids man! So I bought a standalone arduino(without the usb to seriAl converter) in the hope I could just connect rx and tx from the main board to the standalone one, give it some power then programme it. Sadly it didn’t work. 🙁 I also tried piggybacking the standalone chip onto the existing chip but it didn’t work. is their another way I cam programme without dechipping or getting a USB to serial converter???

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