Technido introduces a new breed of Robotic Kits that is specially designed for school students.

What`s so special about this kit?

It’s a multifunctional kit: With kit and its modules students can make 10 + machines.

Affordability: Kit costing is under `1000 and modules are ` 90 onwards. That is one kit per student.

Learning’s: This kit is based on CBSE/ICSE class 7 to class 12 physics activities, with animated tutorials of book concepts.

Modularity: Kit comes in a modular form hence students can exchange modules just as they exchange video game CDs. Therefore more learning more fun and more relaxation to parents pocket.

Animated Tutorials: Students gets all the guidance and instructions through an animated series of tutorials with exercises and quizzes at proper interval.

Duration : 0:2:17





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