Arduino Art

This past Saturday, IEEE Spectrum visited NYC Resistor’s ( “Art, Design, and the Arduino Microcontoller: a lineage” gallery party. Curated by Alicia Gibb, the show was a loving tribute. The collection ranged from early Arduino prototypes to modern projects made with the microcontroller. Highlights included toy cars hacked to paint like Jackson Pollack, a coffee table that cleans itself, and LED jackets that lit up as you moved.

Duration : 0:5:20

[youtube pn_hxGk-6LA]

7 thoughts on “Arduino Art

  1. I so need that …
    I so need that coffee table. Twitchy is a bit sinister but I like the books that move.

  2. A clean coffee …
    A clean coffee table is helpful and 3D visualization of Java crashes is very cool. Twitchy is creepy, but Digg is cool.

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