Robot Wars Firestorm Pullback Toy Restoration

S2E11 A video of me restoring a Firestorm pullback toy from the BBC show Robot Wars, produced by Logistix Kids. The pullback was sent to me by Joel off of IndianaJoel93 which is a well good channel and you should like totally check it out… man.

Duration : 0:9:53





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  1. robotwarsluvr Avatar

    sorry mistake chaos …
    sorry mistake chaos 2 was

  2. robotwarsluvr Avatar

    I only have chaos 2 …
    I only have chaos 2 pannic attack hypnodisc sgt bash shunt matilda and growler (pannic attack was my first) ๐Ÿ™

  3. daniel190293 Avatar

    @liamglen1 afraid …
    @liamglen1 afraid not

  4. liamglen1 Avatar

    lol my firestorm …
    lol my firestorm can thuck the weight of storm 2 about 30cm lol ๐Ÿ™‚ obviusly the cardboard model

  5. liamglen1 Avatar

    lol my firestorm …
    lol my firestorm can thuck the weight of storm 2 about 30cm lol ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. IndianaJoel93 Avatar

    @votesaxon07 nice …
    @votesaxon07 nice one ๐Ÿ˜€

  7. votesaxon07 Avatar

    @IndianaJoel93 yep …
    @IndianaJoel93 yep its still got pride of place in my collection between wheely big cheese and tornado! Its actually going to feature in the opening titles of my 300 subscribers video!

  8. IndianaJoel93 Avatar

    I hope you are …
    I hope you are still looking after it ๐Ÿ˜‰ lol

  9. MrLeep999 Avatar

    are you planning to …
    are you planning to do a robot wars series anytime soon

  10. liamglen1 Avatar

    @daniel190293 have …
    @daniel190293 have u got any spares??

  11. legomailman Avatar

    I had nearly all …
    I had nearly all the robot wars pullbacks. Now I have only two dantomkia and firestorm. The dantomkia is in brilliant consition for a robot which I used alot when I was a kid and then stuffed in a lego box. Not one scratch. I had to do fix the flipper on Firestorm as it broke. Well not the flipper just the clip to hold it in place. I used some thin plastic and works quite well. I wish I took better care of them as I said before I only have two now but thefunny thing is I have 8surviving minibots

  12. RobotWarsTim Avatar

    The inside of the …
    The inside of the Firestorm toy looks similar to the inside of the Dantomkia toy.

  13. votesaxon07 Avatar

    @kirk20008 yeah …
    @kirk20008 yeah that would work – i would have done it to this firestorm but wanted to restore it to as close as the original model as possible!

  14. kirk20008 Avatar

    @votesaxon07 what …
    @votesaxon07 what about it you took the screws out and file down any bits sticking up and just glue the front? just wondered if this would be possible because i would like it to have zero ground clearance and am looking at buying one off ebay. thanks

  15. votesaxon07 Avatar

    @kirk20008 i …
    @kirk20008 i thought that myself but the front screws also push the front up a bit!

  16. kirk20008 Avatar

    wouldnt taking the …
    wouldnt taking the small front wheels out make the front ground clearance lower?

  17. tnathepope Avatar

    Hi stephen, can you …
    Hi stephen, can you consider making a Build-a-Firestorm video once you’ve finished Dominator 2?

  18. daniel190293 Avatar

    i got loads of …
    i got loads of these pull back toys, i think i have just about all of them. Some of them in there boxes ๐Ÿ™‚

  19. TheRoboteer Avatar

    @votesaxon07 i …
    @votesaxon07 i tried it but the spring broke so i put a peice of a bouncy ball in and it flipped preaty powerfull

  20. votesaxon07 Avatar

    @TheRoboteer Yeah? …
    @TheRoboteer Yeah? Try this one – you dont even have to use tools to do it – take the spring from a click pen and lie it across the edge of the flipper, tuck it in right at the bottom between the flipper hinge and the silver motors. Then close the flipper and see how much more powerful it is! Its a lot better than the way i improv ed the flipper in this video!

  21. TheRoboteer Avatar

    i found a really …
    i found a really easy way of making the flliper a tiny tiny bit more powerful all u have to do is loosen of the front screws a tiny bit

  22. votesaxon07 Avatar

    @wwefan12431 what …
    @wwefan12431 what in Robot wars? lol! What an odd place to ask that question! Seriously though Steven Moffatt has said he doesnt really want to bring back old villains too much so i doubt he’ll be back for a while anyway… though it would be nice to see him again, he’ll probably not be played by John Simm anymore…

  23. wwefan12431 Avatar

    do you think the …
    do you think the master will return next season?

  24. MrBv256 Avatar

    i got one of those …
    i got one of those a few years ago

  25. IndianaJoel93 Avatar

    @votesaxon07 lol
    @votesaxon07 lol

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