Arduino Park

A guided tour of the Arduino Uno. This is a really basic and I hope somewhat humorous introduction to the layout of the Arduino board and some of its functions. The Arduino is open-source and the images are my own or downloaded from public domain stuff in the Google Sketchup 3D Warehouse. Music is royalty-free from Kevin MacLeod.

More info on the Arduino is at

My strange blog is at

I don’t know why the Arduino board looks square on Youtube.

Duration : 0:6:1





4 responses to “Arduino Park”

  1. kiwifrogg Avatar

    I thought it was …
    I thought it was nicely done and enjoyed the touch of humor, keep making videos and ignore the hater.

  2. kiwifrogg Avatar

    @utube2post It’s …
    @utube2post It’s easy to insult anonymously while hiding behind keyboards and screens. Lets see your amazing work…….oh that’s right there is none.

  3. engineerzerochannel Avatar

    @utube2post Well, …
    @utube2post Well, at least the dog likes me. Or is it the pork chop around my neck?

  4. utube2post Avatar

    A real bad voice …
    A real bad voice and the music mix sucks. Your effort is appreciated but the video fails to evoke any interest.

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