FIRST Robotics Competition 2010 Game Animation – Breakaway

This video is the game animation for the 2010 FIRST Robotics FRC competition entitled “Breakaway.” It details field layout and various aspects of the game itself. Download available here:

Note that due to the end of the 2010 season as well as a few inappropriate remarks, comments have been disabled.

Duration : 0:3:13

[youtube iheq7yar5c4]

25 thoughts on “FIRST Robotics Competition 2010 Game Animation – Breakaway

  1. DTI Soccer just got …
    DTI Soccer just got in a new shipment of the The Official 2010 HS300 DTI Club Pearl White Game Piece.

  2. hell yea, …
    yea, definitely. It looks awesome. I like the new thing they implemented for adrenaline burst.

  3. The field is 27′ x …
    The field is 27′ x 54′, the towers are 7 feet high and 44 inches wide, and I think the goals are 3 feet wide. Everything is in the manual.

  4. Just for anyone who …
    Just for anyone who is wondering, the unlock key code for the 2010 FIRST manuals is: ” Breakaway4FRC! “.
    This years game looks pretty sweet!

  5. its all in that …
    its all in that downloadable manual my team (2667) downloaded it the other day and it has EVERYTHING and then some

  6. Does anybody know …
    Does anybody know the dimensions of the map?
    The height and with of the towers, or of the goals?

  7. we might do the …
    we might do the same (team 1195) with abar at the battom to lift other robots

  8. has anyone thought …
    has anyone thought of a way to get their robot on the tower yet? What our team is thinking of is using a winch and a hook to pull up. Good luck to everyone in FIRST robotics!
    -Team 1852, Team Amore

  9. Wow, I’m pretty …
    Wow, I’m pretty impressed with the teams already building stuff- mine’s still planning, we won’t start putting things together until Saturday.

    This year definately poses some interesting challenges, like elevating at the end of the game.

    Thanks for the upload, it’s nice to be able to show this to my non-Robotics friends from their own computers.

    Good luck, everyone!

    -Team 2865, Roboteknix

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