Arduino Tutorial 01: Getting Acquainted with Arduino

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You can download the parts list and the code from this episode on my website:

Tutorial Series for Arduino: It begins.

This tutorial series is sponsored by element14. Check out their arduino group!

Thanks to my brother for letting me borrow his camera:

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25 responses to “Arduino Tutorial 01: Getting Acquainted with Arduino”

  1. sciguy14 Avatar

    @FutureComputing …
    @FutureComputing great!

  2. FutureComputing Avatar

    Just bought the …
    Just bought the arduino starter kit, comes with breadboard, LEDS etc. Awesomes.

  3. fuelban Avatar

    just what I have …
    just what I have been looking for, will follow your videos with interest sciguy, very well explained too for dummy’s like me that is…..LoL. thanks guy.
    Thom in Scotland.

  4. LolJordan25 Avatar

    fucking awsome

  5. sciguy14 Avatar

    @activate124 It’s …
    @activate124 It’s actually a variation of Processing, but it has similarities with python

  6. activate124 Avatar

    @NinjaRiCe47 I …
    @NinjaRiCe47 I don’t know much about Arduino, but from a glance it looks like a variation of Python.

  7. sciguy14 Avatar

    @xani666 yeah I …
    @xani666 yeah I know – When I’m ready to move something over from arduino to C though, I usually do so on a separate atmega chip, since the arduino is expensive compared to the atmega chip – no reason to waste it when you aren’t using it for its feature set ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. xani666 Avatar

    @sciguy14 firmware …
    @sciguy14 firmware on atmega chip is just a bootloader to upload compiled program to rest of the chip flash memory, you can put compiled C (or any other programming language) programs on arduinio board, using for example avrdude to program it (which is used internally by arduino anyway.

    So even if someone “outgrows” arduino programming language, the board can still be used with avr-gcc or any other programming language

  9. sciguy14 Avatar

    @xani666 right, …
    @xani666 right, thanks for the clarification. What I should have said was that you can run C-code on the atmega chip, but the atmega on arduinos already has the arduino firmware on it, which allows you to run the arduino programming language.

  10. xani666 Avatar

    @sciguy14 …
    @sciguy14 underlying programming language IS C, arduinio is based on C (it uses gcc-avr as it’s baceknd). But ypu can’t write “typical” AVR C code in it, because register names (like DDRA, PORTB etc.) are undefined.

  11. munkycheeeeeez Avatar

    OK, I’ve seen …
    OK, I’ve seen enough….. SUBBED! ๐Ÿ˜€

  12. Ervine4 Avatar

    wow these are great …
    wow these are great thank you.

  13. flegmaxd Avatar

    Minecraft at deskop …
    Minecraft at deskop (up there) ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. mYOzZyKaT Avatar

    could you teach me …
    could you teach me to do that thing with your hands to show what you need and then they magically appear? it looks great and if you possibly could do it with a six foot flexible and busty blonde…
    no thank you ๐Ÿ˜‰

  15. manutube8080 Avatar

    @uniforchrist yes
    @uniforchrist yes

  16. whisk0r Avatar

    @sciguy14 Very nice …
    @sciguy14 Very nice job! We look forward to following along.

  17. zoop425 Avatar

    nice job on the …

    nice job on the video.. How about a mention in the comments for using my camera!

  18. HalfFullEffects Avatar

    @orionsbelt0 notice …
    @orionsbelt0 notice i said you COULD alright he showed it one way but there is always multiple ways to do things such as mine

  19. sciguy14 Avatar

    @NinjaRiCe47 The …
    @NinjaRiCe47 The progamming language is not too similar to C. It’s more comparable to processing. You do not need to be fluent in programming.

  20. sciguy14 Avatar

    @uniforchrist It’s …
    @uniforchrist It’s a great way to get introduced to electronics.

  21. uniforchrist Avatar

    hey, im 15 and im …
    hey, im 15 and im just wondering if i should do this. it sounds really cool, but is it worth it for me?

  22. orionsbelt0 Avatar

    @djtowo Awesome if …
    @djtowo Awesome if you need any help send me a message and ill see what I can do.

  23. djtowo Avatar

    i …

    i decided i,m gonna do it!
    grtz tom

  24. djtowo Avatar

    owke …

    owke thanks,i decided i will do it!,
    first time on self made electronics and programming but i would love to learn!

    grtz tom

  25. khisanth75 Avatar

    Great video, I am …
    Great video, I am fairly new to Arduino so looking forward to these videos when they arrive. I want to create some kind of weather station with mine.

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