XMAS 2010 toys : Dave the Funky Shoulder Monkey robot

Tipped for the top of kids Christmas lists this year is Dave the Funky Shoulder Monkey robot.

Priced £24.99, Dave can perform over 30 different actions and movements, controlled via remote control. And yes, before you ask, that includes a noise/movement combo.

The perfect primate for your cheeky little monkeys this Christmas? Watch the video and decide for yourself.

Duration : 0:2:39

[youtube XJcg3vXFImI]

13 thoughts on “XMAS 2010 toys : Dave the Funky Shoulder Monkey robot

  1. i always say DAVE …
    i always say DAVE randomly while im walkin round the house and now hes born

  2. You can’t get these …
    You can’t get these anywhere already. Argos have sold out. If you want one for Christmas get it now because you won’t get one if you leave it. You underneath me ENINNALP if you have children it’s best to start Christmas shopping now. Well if you want the best for your children you do.

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