Pololu 3Pi Line Following Robot – New Toy

My desk at work makes for a nice canvas to put down some black tape and make a line following robot track. I’ve wanted to do this for years, and just finally broke down and bought an awexome robot to play with. This robot is powered “logically” by the ATMega328p processor, which is nice if you are familiar with Arduino projects.

Get one here:

Or here:

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  1. theguyyoulovetohate Avatar

    @BenPololu Ah …
    @BenPololu Ah thanks, that is a good idea, i’m just adding PID to mine, and was just using 00100 = middle, 10000 = far right etc…

  2. BenPololu Avatar

    @amando96 The …
    @amando96 The number on the LCD is an estimate of the line position calculated from the values of all five line sensors. The line position ranges from 0 at one extreme (the line is to the left of the leftmost sensor) to 4000 at the other extreme (the line is to the right of the rightmost sensor). The line position is 2000 when the line is directly under the middle sensor (sensor 2). It works well to perform PID control using this line position value.

  3. amando96 Avatar

    why are the values …
    why are the values enormous? like between 1000, and 6000? i thought it only had a 10-bit adc?

  4. icollectstuffdude Avatar

    Really neat! I like …
    Really neat! I like the track you made. That little thing can fly!

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