Robot Wars Wheely Big Cheese Pullback Toy Review

S2E17 A review of the competitor robot Wheely Big Cheese pullback toy off of the BBC TV series Robot wars, produced by Logistix Kids.

Duration : 0:9:1





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  1. bymichaela Avatar

    do you want a mr …
    do you want a mr syco for a dantomkia or a hypnodisc

  2. CowsPetYeti Avatar

    When I bought this, …
    When I bought this, I had barley started to play with it before the two black pins holding th eflipper in palce broke off, causing the flipepr to come off completely. Really annoying. D:

  3. Jb33124 Avatar

    its not a really …
    its not a really big flip from other angles

  4. shawnhbkdx90 Avatar

    how big is the toy …
    how big is the toy of wheely big cheese? im making a cardboard 1 and i want to know how wlong it is

  5. RobotWarsTim Avatar

    Your camera appears …
    Your camera appears to be long-sighted. ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. gobtcc Avatar

    thats a nice toy

    thats a nice toy

  7. shawnhbkdx90 Avatar

    robot wars is on …
    robot wars is on dave freeview:19 its on the 5th wars

  8. A9132robotwars Avatar

    @votesaxon07 hhmm …
    @votesaxon07 hhmm lisburn is pretty far away. ah screw it lol. and cool, it’s god to see that I am able to do reviews! ๐Ÿ˜€

  9. votesaxon07 Avatar

    @IndianaJoel93 Yep …
    @IndianaJoel93 Yep – and a growler! XT2’s on its way as well!!!

  10. IndianaJoel93 Avatar

    omg you got a …
    omg you got a cheese!

  11. votesaxon07 Avatar

    @A9132robotwars …
    @A9132robotwars youll have to find me first! lol! :p Nah i like it when people are inspired to start making videos!

  12. A9132robotwars Avatar

    @votesaxon07 If you …
    @votesaxon07 If you do get it for a quid, I will have to kill you. lol. joke. hopefully I can find the sgt bash pitstop first! ๐Ÿ™‚ good look though. And I just wondered because you may of considered it as stealing your idea. lol

  13. votesaxon07 Avatar

    @A9132robotwars …
    @A9132robotwars Yeah that would be great! (why would it not be alright with me? – i love a good review!!) Id love to see the arena up close – i remember the adverts vaguely so would love to see it up close! I have some minibots and tried to do a review of them once but it was really crap!!! Im keepin a look out for a sgt bash pitstop 2 – hope i can get it for a quid as well! lol!

  14. A9132robotwars Avatar

    @votesaxon07 awsome …
    @votesaxon07 awsome! I was planning on reviewing all of my robot wars collection (if it’s alright with you) including minibots and the mimi arena. I’ve never seen the sgt bash pitstop ut I really wanna have it. then all my friends on yt would hate me. lol

  15. votesaxon07 Avatar

    @A9132robotwars are …
    @A9132robotwars are you gonna buy any of them? cause id love to see a review or 2… :p Yes yes lisburn is in NI but – u wont believe this – i saw a hypno disc pitstop on ebay the other day and stuck a quid on it thinking i wouldnt get it… bidding just ended and my ยฃ1 offer was accepted. I just bought a Pitstop kit for a quid!!!!!???!!!

  16. A9132robotwars Avatar

    @votesaxon07 They …
    @votesaxon07 They are a fiver each. and I’m saving up money from my job. they are the panic attack one (I have parts of it but either lost the rest of set them on fire lol), the hypnodisc one( same as panic attack) and matilda ( i have non of it) but like i said, it is a local shop. I live in southern england and I believe lisburn is in northern ireland am I correct? I hope a sgt bash one will turn up! ๐Ÿ™‚

  17. votesaxon07 Avatar

    @A9132robotwars how …
    @A9132robotwars how much are the pitstops? Nd what pitstops are they?

  18. A9132robotwars Avatar

    @votesaxon07 no …
    @votesaxon07 no need to recomend my friend! there is a local second hand shop near by. it has WBC, and 3 of the 4 pitstops! :). and they are un opened. whoever gave them in was a prat. and their aren’t too manty robot wars fans where I live lol. thanks though and your welcome! ๐Ÿ™‚

  19. votesaxon07 Avatar

    @roscowhitey …
    @roscowhitey athankyew! Yep ebayed it! ๐Ÿ˜€

  20. votesaxon07 Avatar

    @A9132robotwars I …
    @A9132robotwars I heavilly recommend ebay!!! I got a wbc, growler and xterminator for dead cheap! lol, cheers!

  21. RobotsGreatWar2 Avatar

    A really nice intro …
    A really nice intro and review! I know i was the first to do a complete review of Wheely Big Cheese but yours is amazing!

  22. A9132robotwars Avatar

    YOU! YOU KNOW HAVE ALL THE PULLBACKS! lol. mind you I will get them pretty soon and more stuff to do with robot wars aswell! ๐Ÿ™‚ nice review mate!

  23. roscowhitey Avatar

    so you finally got …
    so you finally got a wbc well done great review

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