FIRST Robotics team 2168 – Build season 2011 A

FIRST Robotics team 2168, the Aluminum Falcons. Thanks also to JCPenney and Dominion Power. Yes, I know the top peg is not “12 feet high.” We are Fitch High School in Groton, CT. This video is a montage of the initial 3 weeks of the 2011 Build-season. This does not include our minibot, which is still top-secret. I have heard that it will ascend the pole in less than 3.2 femtoseconds. That’s what I hear. Apologies to JF who didn’t want people to see the rivets yet, or something.

When I said “As usual, there are some problems at first.” That was NOT intended as a pun! Nonetheless, it’s funny.

Duration : 0:3:7


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