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Some of the world’s aerial tramways transport people to breathtaking views and allows them to have panoramic memories as the world unfolds beneath them. The view from Aerial Cable Car, arguably, could be the best seat in the house.

Generated power for most trams or cable cars are under constant computer monitoring. Aerial Cable Car power grid system is simple: bright sun — “power on”, little or no sun — “power off”. The unit is quiet and stealth. If you were on a secret mission and needed to pass a message from check off point ‘Bravo’ to rendezvous point ‘Romeo’, Aerial Cable Car could possibly be the messenger. The fun is inside box. You create the adventure. Transport cable, automatic round trip return stoppers, solar panel and 30 plastic parts to emble are included. Environmentally safe (no batteries required). It challenges young people to be technically precise with miniature parts. Clear easy to follow instructions; and teaches students to follow precise visual diagrams.


Solar Panel Output: 1.1V x 75mA
Assembled Size: 115mm x 110mm x 180mm
Unit Weight: 2.9 oz
Solar Cell Life: 2 yrs in normal use
Motor: DC
Power Consumption: 1.2V x 10mA
Tool needed: diagonal cutter; screwdriver; scissors

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