Arduino CAN-Bus OBDII demo

This movie is a demo of the Arduino CAN-Bus shield. It is connected to a car via the OBDII port. The demo give a real time reading of RPM, road speed, engine temperature and throttle position. It uses the Microchip MCP2515 CAN controller with MCP2551 transceiver.

Duration : 0:1:9

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  1. Hi,

    I´m trying to …

    I´m trying to run the CAN-Bus ECU Reader demo sketch from your site.

    It starts and prints “CAN Init ok”, but than it freezes. I´ve done some debugging and got the line where it breaks. It´s this line:


    inside the Canbus.cpp

    I really don´t know why this is happen and how to fixe it. The CAN-board was connected to an 2010 Volkswagon.
    Any hints in the right direction?

    greetings Sunny

  2. @gunnarMyTube For …
    @gunnarMyTube For any commercial deployment of a solution you typically make your own custom board containing the circuits needed from Arduino and the shield. Open source licensing apply if you deploy Arduino based code and hw designs.

  3. @PabloDiazLP This ” …
    @PabloDiazLP This “shield” board plugs on top of a regular Arduino processor board. You upload the code (“sketch” in Arduino lingo) to the processor board that access the hardware on the shield board to accomplish the CAN/ODB interface access, LED display, SD card and GPS access. Code is open source so you can extend it any way desired. There is also a small joystick on the shield for menu navigation (up down L R + push)

  4. I got those parts …
    I got those parts from Pang and will begin experimenting. Lots of potential, think of all the cars manufactured since around 1995 with ODB2 ports.

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