TF2 Kill-counter through an Arduino

I made a program in VB that reads TF2’s console log and tracks kills, deaths, and suicides by me. It’s main function is to count the number of kills I make in each life and send that number to the Arduino. I hooked up five LED’s to the Arduino and they display that number (roughly realtime) in binary.

It’s nothing too spectacular, but I just thought someone would get get a kick out of it.

Source code ::

Holy crap, apparently this was on Hack-a-Day. I feel special, haha

Duration : 0:1:26

19 thoughts on “TF2 Kill-counter through an Arduino

  1. with a little …
    with a little reworking, i got it working on an old coil gauge (from analog voltmeters and such)

    pretty much just mapping the serial value to 0-255 and pwm that to the gauge (adjusted to 5v with a pot).

    if i get a hold of a camera ill see if can make a video response once i make some adjustments.

    good stuff freezie

  2. @IceColdFreezie I …
    @IceColdFreezie I did not mean to vote you down, I was trying to click into blank space to override another window. YOU NEWTUBE!

  3. hey icecodfreezie, …
    hey icecodfreezie, i saw this on hackaday some time ago and i thought it was pretty cool.

    now im in the process of making a 6 7segment glowtube display.
    i was thinking of giving a kill/death counter try after im done

    i’ve downloaded your source and if i get it running i’ll try to get a video response up

  4. That is a sweet …
    That is a sweet keyboard. I love old IBMs, they’re practically indestructible.

    Nice hack, by the way!

  5. @jaimeshm

    If you right click on TF2, click Properties, click Advanced Launch Options, and type in -condebug, it will be written to C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\*username*\team fortress 2\tf\console.log

  6. honestly, this is …
    honestly, this is so cool. im going to try setting this up when i have some time. just one question. where is the TF2 console log file located?

  7. @LandoHungus

    camera has no autofocus when it’s taking a video, it’s pretty old, i was leaning over my desk at an awkward angle to see if it would capture the program.
    Sorry for ruining your day and your life, I shall go wash my mouth with soap and ground myself for the next two weeks.

  8. shake the camera …
    shake the camera more, that should help you focus on the screen. then apologise, but do nothing to correct your crappy video.

  9. @igob8a
    Ooooooh, I …

    Ooooooh, I forgot about that. Right now it just logs everything you kill, be it man or machine.

  10. Does it …
    Does it differentiate between player and building kills? AFAIK killing a dispenser is logged as the engineer dying in the console.
    Very cool though

  11. @cuno32
    The VB …

    The VB program reads TF2’s console log file and checks for my name. If I kill/die it adds 1 to the appropriate counter and uses serialport.write to send that number to the Arduino via the USB cable. The Arduino uses to get the number, converts it to binary, and displays that through the LEDs.
    Just fixed the filefront link too, thanks.

  12. Very neat- it would …
    Very neat- it would probably be a small step from that simple set up to a 7 segment display or two. How does the software speak to the microcontroller, SCI? What arduino setup is that? Also, your filefront link seems to be down.

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