Biped walking Lego Mindstorms NXT robot: X-2.6a front view of 5 inch steps

I have had ALOT of complaints on how long most of my videos can be. I know for many 10 minute films of very slow Lego bots is perhaps more than most can stand today. SO I will include and make first the high speed version of the films. Then after will include “normal” speed, though here i will not since there is a normal, but another view of the same task. Some may want to know why have normal speed at all? Well in the robotic world only “real” counts. As my good friend once said “no film, it has not happened”. Since X-2 is breaking new ground for Lego robotics real time footage is needed. I would like to thank the many million viewers that have had the time and patience to endure what has been said to be like watching grass grow and paint dry. ๐Ÿ™‚

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Duration : 0:1:52

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  1. @HaydenStudios For …
    @HaydenStudios For years I have heard this from larger blogs like Engadget that featured my bots a few times. But being the old stubborn kind of person I tend to be, it took time for me to accept it ๐Ÿ™‚ The only issue I have is it kind of misrepresents the reality of it. This is why I still will have a real time as well in future, just will show the high speed version first, then for those that can handle the pain of watching paint dry will have that too.

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  2. I saw catattack998′ …
    I saw catattack998’s comment on your previous video asking you to speed the video up, and I’m glad that you took his advice. The video is a lot more interesting when it’s not going so slowly.

  3. Its a love/hate …
    Its a love/hate kind of relation. I love building them, but programming is a work of what seems never ending tweeks, bugs, crashes etc. This project started about 3 years back. At times it has stalled do to lack of hardware in the Lego platform that only third party developers could make and that takes time too.



  4. I`m no engineer …
    I`m no engineer crack at all, but man…There must have been hours and hours of observation and adjustment, you must have a very strong will to succeed…
    So thanks for sharing your awesome work

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