M-2000iA Automotive Body Transfer – FANUC Robotics Industrial Automation

A FANUC M-2000iA robot is used to transfer full auto bodies between conveyor systems. The M-2000iA robot picks up a complete auto body which combined with the end of arm tooling, weighs almost 1500 pounds, with the center of gravity almost a full meter out from the faceplate. The M-2000iA robot repositions the full auto body 5.5 meters to the adjacent carrier. This M-2000iA robotic vehicle transfer is fully programmable, transferring two different body styles using the same tooling with flexibility to adapt for additional future body styles. The M-2000iA robot series are more flexible, reliable and cost effective than custom designed transfer machines providing customers with increased capability, equipment availability, uptime and faster return on investment.

FANUC Robotics America Corporation designs, engineers and manufactures industrial robots and robotic systems for a wide range of applications including arc and spot welding, material handling (machine tending, picking, packing, palletizing), material removal, assembly, paint finishing and dispensing. The company also provides application-specific software, controls, vision products, and complete support services. After 28 years of success, FANUC Robotics maintains its position as the leading robotics company in the Americas.

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