Arduino Duemilanove Atmega328 PID Controller

My first attempt at designing a PID controller. It’s a basic level with a motor and a propeller on one end to act as a balanced beam. Using an Arduino board, measurements of tilt were taken with a mesmic accelerometer. The arduino board was then programmed as a PID controller dampening any disturbance to the lever.

I’m currently in the process of designing another arduino PID Controller which will have a significantly better responce to disturbances. I should, hopefully, have a new video up within the next couple of weeks detailing the new pid controller.

Duration : 0:2:37

7 thoughts on “Arduino Duemilanove Atmega328 PID Controller

  1. Do you think you …
    Do you think you could make your code available? I’m doing something similar and am having trouble getting my set up to hover.

  2. @jomelmaldonado …
    @jomelmaldonado Appreciate it. You should check out my Arduino Tilt Sensor and tell me what you think.


  3. Good job! I’m …
    Good job! I’m wondering how did you adjust the PID gains. How much is the sampling period?

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