Hex Bugs 2011 Toy Fair Mini RC Robot Preview

Join us at http://blog.Atamaii.com Hex Bug toys for 2011. From the Innovation First private showroom the New York Toy Fair, this is a look at the Hex Bugs for 2011. Hex Bugs are remote control electronic moving robots. They come in a variety of robotic styles.

Hex Bugs include the Ant, in assorted colors. Also there is the Hex Bug Crab. Inch Worm is popular, and new for 2011 is the Hex Bug Spider.

The Hex Bug Nano is very popular and comes with several habitat playsets, including a race track this year.

This is a Hex Bug toy report from the New York Toy Fair, February 2011.

Music: Inspector Surf; Show Your Moves. Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) Licensed under Creative Commons “Attribution 3.0”

Duration : 0:6:27

19 thoughts on “Hex Bugs 2011 Toy Fair Mini RC Robot Preview

  1. they should create …
    they should create bigger hex bugs with a mind of their own so they could battle, race, or interact with you

  2. hay do you know if …
    hay do you know if there selling theys at Toys’R’Us?

  3. @ChocoBrandx OMGZ …
    @ChocoBrandx OMGZ WHY DIDNTS U SAY FORSST. jk that was just my 8yr old impersonation.

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