6 in 1 Solar Robot kit

Have tonnes of fun building six different solar toys and watch them come to life in sunlight. Learning about solar energy has never been so much fun, whatever your age!

6-in-1 Solar Toy Best Bits
build from a fun and easy kit
Six solar toys in one
Learn about solar energy
Great for adults and children

Six fun solar toys in one absorbing set!
Few educational toys have the fun factor to engage an adult’s let alone a child’s attention span long enough to learn much of anything, but the PowerPlus Chameleon has got what it takes in spades. And best of all, adults will love it too.

Build six different models:
Solar Windmill
Solar Plane
Solar Airboat
Solar Revolving Plan
Solar Puppy
Solar Car
The PowerPlus Chameleon is a 6-in-1 Solar Toy Set that demonstrates the basic solar power principles in a fun and interactive way. Follow simple step-by step instructions and build six different solar powered gadgets, including a solar windmill, plane, airboat, revolving plane, puppy and a car, and watch as they come to life in sunlight.

Adults and children alike can enjoy getting absorbed in the building process and learn how solar power drives the motor in each solar toy. With six fun and educational toys to build, the PowerPlus Chameleon is one of the most engaging ways to teach children about solar energy. And as adults, we think it’s pretty darn fun too.

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  1. i have this one 🙂 …
    i have this one 🙂 So funny! I got a lot more fun from this toy
    than it is worth 🙂

  2. i was suprised how …
    i was suprised how cheap these toys are…can you take em apart and mix em with other parts to make something differ

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