15 thoughts on “bassdll – an Arduino piezo music library

  1. Hey, I just got …
    Hey, I just got this working! I went and bought three piezo buzzers on the off chance that this might actually be simple to set up. Got home, and less than five minutes later I’ve got your music streaming out my Arduino! Weeee!!

    I plan on using the sound library in my own project. I’ll let you know how it works out.


  2. This is great. I …
    This is great. I am interested in playing sega master system VGM files using this library. just need independent volume control + 1 noise channel.

  3. I got this working …
    I got this working on my Arduino too and you can directly mix the channels with minimal distortion on a piezo or little to no distortion in a coil speaker/headphones.

  4. Is this track from …
    Is this track from somewhere? It’s a short but phat chiptune you’ve got there 🙂

  5. Awesome job man! …
    Awesome job man! would love to see one output like esdentem suggested….
    I wonder what the “big project” is…?

  6. put the sound in …
    put the sound in front and then talk, at 3:00 it starts to play

  7. nice job!

    Mixing …
    nice job!

    Mixing the channels should be fairly simple- use three resistors:
    CH1 – resistor –
    CH2 – resistor —o—– output
    CH3 – resistor –

    this will produce an average of the three channels (the output may now need a unity gain buffer to drive your transducer)

  8. Would it be …
    Would it be possible to combine the channels somehow and connect only one speeker? Maybe it won’t work with piezo but a normal coil speeker?

    Cheers Esden

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