Robot Wars Chaos 2 Pullback Toy Review

S1E02 A review of the Competitor robot Chaos 2 toy, from the BBC series Robot Wars, produced by Logistix Kids. The team members were George francis, Ian Swan and Richard Swan. The machine won both Series 3 and 4.

Duration : 0:3:40





10 responses to “Robot Wars Chaos 2 Pullback Toy Review”

  1. RobotWarsTim Avatar

    I’m not surprised …
    I’m not surprised that you removed the pullback motor. It is so annoying when you try to make the robots go when they are battling. It is only good for giving it the right weight and protecting the insides.

    Does anybody else find the pullback motor annoying?

  2. RobotsGreatWar2 Avatar

    Wasn’t this …
    Wasn’t this everyone’s first toy from the RW line?

  3. liamglen1 Avatar

    @votesaxon07 i hope …
    @votesaxon07 i hope i am not rushing you by kepp asking about dominator vid

  4. votesaxon07 Avatar

    @RobotWarsTim yeah …
    @RobotWarsTim yeah well i still am but when the show was on i was mental for it – i taped every episode i made cardboard models of the robots etc… but now its off air and im older so idont really do that anymore! But i still make rw videos of all the rw toys i kept over the years for youtube so i guess i am still a big fan!

  5. RobotWarsTim Avatar

    You said that you …
    You said that you USED to be a Robot Wars fan, I take it that it was just the way that you worded it.

  6. BellyLover06 Avatar

    After my Chaos 2 …
    After my Chaos 2 Pullback’s flipper stopped working, I just took out the mechanism for it and now do it manually where it’s now flush with the ground and it’s more accurate.

  7. RedDevilDazzy2007 Avatar

    Good review, Chaos …
    Good review, Chaos 2’s my favourite robot.

  8. IndianaJoel93 Avatar

    my chaos 2 is so …
    my chaos 2 is so badly damaged, and I dont have the packaging

  9. votesaxon07 Avatar

    I used to have the …
    I used to have the gauntlet and XTerminator 2 but the gauntlets in bits all over my attic and i wrecked XT2 while trying to modify it unfortunately…

  10. RobotsGreatWar2 Avatar

    ah yes. Chaos 2 was …
    ah yes. Chaos 2 was virtually everyones first Robot Wars robot, and personally my first but i was jealous because at the time my cousin got the gaunlet plus shunt and matilda from the same shop! but i got my own gauntlet in 2007.

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