Arduino sensor datalog shield & Nokia 3310 LCD (nuelectronics).MOV

This is a simple demonstration of an arduino based project.
The LCD is a nokia 3310 LCD with the PCD8544 controller…
In this example i use a Nokia Lcd Shield from nuelectronics (10$), because it includes a digital 5-direction Joystick.
Between the LCD shield and arduino there is a sensor board shield connected with an sd card reader, so you can store all the logged data in a file.
The gas & humidity sensors are not programmed yet…
PIR sensor will be added, too! (motion detection)

The project is under construction so stay tuned for further updates!

If someone can HELP me in converting a monochrome bitmap to API please send me a message! I need to find a logo generator (image to ascii code)

Duration : 0:0:45


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  1. cyberteque Avatar

    If you have a look …
    If you have a look at the Sparkfun site, there is a link to a bitmap convertor called rgb2bmp.

    I’m going to build a hand held device like this, a “non-fanboy” tricorder.
    Like, one that actually can be used, not just flash lights and beep!

    Projects like this are a great start!

  2. nathanasoulas Avatar

    a re alani …
    a re alani aftomatisti!

  3. tsibos21 Avatar

    a re alani …
    a re alani hlektronike!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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