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A five minute film on how to make your own edible robot. Edible robotics is an exciting new field of research into robots as food and prey. This research was supported by Robo250, the Robotics Institute at Carnegie Mellon University, the Mattress Factory and MAYA Design, Inc.

Duration : 0:5:50

[youtube rUPbeLQZWCg]

12 thoughts on “MAYAmake.How-To.EdibleRobotics


    but i dont have the time or patience to make it
    how the did they come up with it…

  2. speak for your self …
    speak for your self, you might have the attention span of a dog turd but thats not to say we all do!!!

  3. Editing, people. …
    Editing, people. Editing.
    This is the internet. Attention spans do not apply here.

  4. I started to figure …
    I started to figure out what he was making around the time they started laying out the strips on the lettuce platter. I thought it was pretty f*c&in’ cool. Only thing is whether you guys are genius or bored.

  5. I’m a little …
    I’m a little disappointed at how obvious it was that it was a robot hand. I was thinking this might be good for a scare, like to freak someone out. Pretty interesting concept, though.

  6. Nanocrispies ending …
    Nanocrispies ending was disgusting. Rest of thin gwas cool.

  7. I’m sorry but.. …
    I’m sorry but.. cheesey -tastic background music, lingering shots of a cucumber being cut into pervy shapes – this is total edible robot POORN!

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