Kell Robotics Promo 2: Pollution Solutions

With mankind filling our precious water with pollution and debris, the beckoning azure waves of planet Earth are seeing their last healthy days. Animals are being killed and entire ecosystems erased from existence. This is a problem that must be fixed. The FIRST Robotics organization has sanctioned events and programs that have inspired our world’s youth to dream big for a brighter future. Starting in the FIRST LEGO League teams in middle schools, FIRST students develop skills and abilities in engineering, problem solving, and design that follow them throughout their FIRST journey. FIRST Robotics Competition teams not only challenge students with competitive game-like scenarios, but provide students with an outlet and opportunity for further success. New ways to solve the issues our globe faces are sprouting all across the globe. The Carlton J. Kell High School Robotics Team, FRC Team 1311, is one of these teams. They have begun a program involving a floating ROV design specifically for isting in waste allocation. Join in on helping the young generation preserve our planet, and you just might find what a rewarding challenge it is.

This video was igned to the Kell Robotics Film Unit to not only further our inspirational video series, but to apply for a $10,000 grant in a Sea World program. Eventually, we hope to display this video on a world-wide network. Think that will get people’s attention?

Duration : 0:4:35

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