How-To: Shrinkify Your Arduino Projects

If you have a simple Arduino project that uses only a few pins, you might be able to shrink it down to a single 8-pin ATtiny chip. In this video, Matt Richardson shows you how, based on a tutorial from MIT Media Lab’s High-Low Tech Group. The best part is you can use the same Arduino code and development environment that you’re already used to.

More information about this how-to is available at:

Duration : 0:3:42


25 responses to “How-To: Shrinkify Your Arduino Projects”

  1. qurben Avatar

    @stefanmitreski …
    @stefanmitreski It’s just another type? board check

  2. bjarni1995 Avatar

    @spambot71 No, it’s …
    @spambot71 No, it’s connected? right.

  3. spambot71 Avatar

    “the negative side …
    “the negative side must go to ground”. connects it with the negative side to the reset? pin. fail?

  4. Genius23008 Avatar

    error can’t do it. …
    error can’t do it. so annoying. problem: ‘A1 was not? declared in this scope.’

  5. ortzinator Avatar

    i see an epic? …
    i see an epic? beard in your future

  6. TechBoywii Avatar

    @mavnova because A1 …
    @mavnova because A1 as you call it is actually? pin 2 so it would be pinMode(2,OUTPUT);

  7. Bullshitvol2 Avatar

    Only noobs use …
    Only noobs use premade Arduino boards. Expensive and big. Get an AVR? STK programmer and make your own boards

  8. stefanmitreski Avatar

    what´s the …
    what´s the difference between? duemilanove? and? the uno ?

  9. edgecrush3r Avatar

    Wondering? to go …
    Wondering? to go this way or the JeeNode way…

  10. jgrecoarroyo Avatar

    Really? interesting …
    Really? interesting and useful!

  11. balamsoto70 Avatar

    great video, I had …
    great video, I had a problem after doing some research I find out that the lates arduino software Version 1 does not play well with this? method.
    so I use arduino .22 and it worked out of the box.

    thanks for great video.

  12. mavnova Avatar

    How do I use the …
    How do I use the analog? inputs as outputs ?

    I tried,


    but I get the error,
    ‘A1’ was not declared in this scope.

  13. xmind22 Avatar

    @ukeleleboy97 the …
    @ukeleleboy97 the netduino? is not, but i was wondering since they almost have the same pin configuration and also most of the arduino shields work with it.

  14. ukeleleboy97 Avatar

    @xmind22 If? it’s …
    @xmind22 If? it’s arduino based

  15. xmind22 Avatar

    can the teensy be …
    can the teensy be used? to program the AtTiny45/85 chips?

  16. tejonBiker Avatar

    Awesome project, …
    Awesome project, this can save too much money. A MCU with 8 pins and? Analog In?, wow, this is crazy, I need get a lot of these MCUs

  17. rico5219 Avatar

    Thank you I’m doing …
    Thank you I’m doing it this? weekend

  18. xmind22 Avatar

    could the same be …
    could the same be achieved with the? netduino?

  19. GegoXaren Avatar

    One thing I do? not …
    One thing I do? not understand is who you can be so cheerful all the time…

    It is a little creepy..

  20. Anothercoilgun Avatar

    Its called Quad …
    Its called Quad Flat No leads. ? DIP package is so yester century.

  21. DarkRaven118666 Avatar

    Thanks! I think i …
    Thanks! I think i am going to? go with the duemilanove just for the extra inputs and also because I see it around more 🙂

  22. kevincarbonaro Avatar

    @DarkRaven118666 I …
    @DarkRaven118666 I have the duemilanove and found it good for small? beginner projects with room for a few intermediate projects as well.

  23. bPaIsNtKaYrd Avatar

    hey that small …
    hey that small is eeprom or what is it ??? it seems to be tiny? arduino pic 85 . arent it ???

  24. sb77100 Avatar

    How do you make …
    How do you make that blinky? toy?

  25. AzBirdDog Avatar

    @DarkRaven118666 …
    @DarkRaven118666 Go? straight to the mega, either mega would do.
    It offers the best of all worlds, and you won’t be limited by pins.
    The mega’s have tons of pins to tinker with.

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