Where we can find non soldering robot kits?

I carry some in my store that are based on using breadboards for assembly.
I can discuss the merits of each if you like.

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  1. Unfortunately, with the state of electronics these days, there is very little " plug and play" products on the market to create robots without the hassles of soldering. There are probably some crude robotic kits for ages 5-10 year olds that might snap together, but are so crude and simplistic that you would be bored to tears with them. A true robot, hi-tech, multiple actions possible, will not be made in a kit like that. You will need to have access to soldering equipment to really do it right. Sorry.

    1-minute update…

    Try this place – http://www.sciplus.com/

    Sometimes they have interesting kits, they might, you never know…

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