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This robotic spot welding demonstration cell features FANUC Robotics’ Learning Vibration Control, or LVC equipped R-1000iA/100F “Gakushu,” or Learning robot. In the demo, the robot seen on the left is equipped with LVC, while the robot on the right is not. The Gakushu Robot’s Learning Vibration Control (LVC) feature improves robot performance by actually learning the characteristics of a specific application path. The Gakushu Robot with LVC provides extremely fast cycle times which optimizes production throughput.

The Gakushu robot equipped with the LVC feature on the left and the robot without LVC apply identical spot welding patterns to opposite sides of a floor pan assembly. As you can see in this side-by-side speed comparison, the Gakushu Robot shows a significant improvement in cycle time compared to the robot without LVC.

With the Gakushu Robot’s LVC feature, the software records the path characteristics. The path is run several times, allowing the Gakushu Robot to optimize the path data to improve cycle time.

Running the cycle again, a monitor displays the cycle times of each robot, the improvement in cycle time from the Gakushu robot as compared to a standard robot, and the increase in parts per hour. Once the robots have finished the demonstration, the cycle repeats.

Duration : 0:2:28

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