Tutorial 13 for Arduino: Liquid Crystal Displays (LCDs)

Correction: “int f = round(c*9.0/5.0 +32.0);” is how it should be in the final example. I forgot the equals sign in the video.

You can download the parts list, code, and schematics from this episode on my website: http://jeremyblum.com/2011/07/31/tutorial-13-for-arduino-liquid-crystal-displays

Watch all of the videos in this series here: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?p=A567CE235D39FA84

This tutorial series is sponsored by element14. Check out their arduino group!

Read my review of the LCD module used in this tutorial here: http://jeremyblum.com/2011/07/15/product-road-test-lumex-backlit-16×2-lcd-display/

Adafruit sells a great LCD kit that includes a header and a potentiometer: https://www.adafruit.com/products/181&zenid=05ff6d71c1ede87d9edd41af8623ba13

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Duration : 0:27:51

[youtube oIiDseJO4dM]

25 thoughts on “Tutorial 13 for Arduino: Liquid Crystal Displays (LCDs)

  1. @axel1973w I’m …
    @axel1973w I’m really not sure. You? can try some probing, etc, but I doubt you’ll have much luck without finding a spec sheet.

  2. A few days ago i …
    A few days ago i salvaged a “simple minimalistic LCD display” from an old notebook. One of those “casio watch” non alphanumeric displays. it looked like a glass thingy with through hole about 10 pins on it. BUT it looked like it? DOES NOT CONTAIN ANY CONTROLLER on the part itself. not one of those intelligent displays. i searched internet for pinout or any information about HOW TO DRIVE one of those displays, without luck. using the multimeter i could not figure out what pin does what. any tips?

  3. @SCIGUY



    I am having following error? during compiling.

    1)wire.send has been renamed to wire.write
    –but when i change wire.send to wire.write than another error comes which is
    “call of overloaded write(int) is ambiguous
    i am using arduino 1.0 for compiling

    please help in this regard


  4. Jeremy, I would be …
    Jeremy, I would be grateful if you please teach? me how to use a KeyPad and LCD together. Because pins are few.

    Greetings from Pakistan.

  5. Hey first of all …
    Hey first of all nice videos , i have a problem i am new on arduino and i am doing at the moment make a temp sensor using lm35 and that project work but now i want a keypad too so i want the keypad for settings for example i want to set the temp 25c so when the temp is 25c an led or buzzer will trigger but when i am checking whit the if statement i am have a problem because the value of the temp sensor is int but the value of the keypad is char so what do i need to do, thank? you pls reply thx

  6. Where I live, Room …
    Where I live, Room temp is about 30 – 32 celcius / centigrade..? !

  7. Would it be …
    Would it be possible for you to do give-a-ways through element-14? Or maybe even another contest? I am an electronics student like you, and I don’t have all the money to pay for my books, and class equipment as well as all of the fun Arduino stuff that you get through your? sponsorship. I know that if I got anything, I would make a project out of it, and share that video with you. I currently only have a Arduino Duemilanova. Please write back. Great vids d:

  8. i keep getting …
    i keep getting error at the end of void loop, lcd.setCursor(i,1);

    its saying “name lookup of ‘i’ changed for new ISO ‘for’? scoping” what does that mean, can someone help me please

  9. @7000sk8

    I? dont …

    I? dont know from where you can get it in the UAE, but I think that you can order them from Sparkfun . com

  10. @7000sk8 can …
    @7000sk8 can anybody tell from what kind of shops? do i get an arduino uno.how much does it cost

  11. can you tell from …
    can you tell from what kind of shops do i? get an arduino uno.how much does it cost pls pls pls

  12. can anybody tell …
    can anybody tell from what kind of? shops do i get an arduino uno.how much does it cost

  13. can anybody tell? …
    can anybody tell? from what kind of shops do i get an arduino uno.how much does it cost

  14. Thanks for your …
    Thanks for your effort and the great tutorials! You are really good at teaching and the tutorials are in a perfect pace.

    Still hoping to see a tutorial on GPS, GSM? and IMU modules, even though the latter may be too expensive 🙂

  15. Did you have to …
    Did you have to solder the wires on to the LCD board or did it come? with it

  16. @sciguy14 Yes! …
    @sciguy14 Yes! Thank you very much. Great video’s keep them? coming!

  17. @TheMrSion? Are you …
    @TheMrSion? Are you talking about the schematics? It’s Fritzing.

  18. From what I know, I …
    From what I know, I think the R/W pin on the LCD is used to read data from the LCD when its high.? Thus it facilitates the user to read data from it when its used as a display in safety doors and things like that (When keypads and similar devices are connected as an input device to it). Am I right with this?

  19. im happy i found …
    im happy i found you because im getting an arduino soon and there isn’t any one that does recent video’s there always like? a year old or they only do one and quit doing them…and you covering the basics and the advanced topics thats lot of people need help on…

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