My Keepon – Yellow Dancing Toy Robot (Bodyrockers – I like the way)

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My Keepon moves to any music! A microphone in My Keepon’s nose allows it to hear the music you play (or the rhythms you make yourself). My Keepon listens for the tempo of the music and matches the beat with an uncanny sense of timing.

You’ll never get bored watching My Keepon dance to any style of music, from slow ballads, to pop music, to high-energy disco. Each performance is an original and unique interpretation.

With an array of touch sensors underneath its playfully textured skin, My Keepon responds to poking, patting, squeezing or tickling by looking around, showing its mood and making expressive sounds.

See if you can discover what makes My Keepon inquisitive, annoyed, sleepy, sad, giggly or content.

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Keepon dances to ‘I like the way’ by Bodyrockers.
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25 thoughts on “My Keepon – Yellow Dancing Toy Robot (Bodyrockers – I like the way)

  1. @CautiousSaint Even …
    @CautiousSaint Even placing a speaker in front of its nose at full blast cannot make it dance. However returning it and getting a replacement does make? it dance. Problem solved!

  2. @alvinlwh Make sure …
    @alvinlwh Make sure the volume of the music? is up high enough for him to detect the beat.

  3. My Keepon Was …
    My Keepon Was coping the whole thing what the other keepon was? doing Keepon is better than Fidgit!

  4. Mine don’t dance …
    Mine don’t dance like this at? all. In fact it fall asleep to this video!

  5. no one be surprised …
    no one be surprised when you get one from toys r us, and then? they don’t dance like you expect them to

  6. i’m sorry,but …
    i’m sorry,but keepon? has been out in Japan since 2008 and to me hes old lol,but still cool collectible;)

  7. @1candyflossxCP …
    @1candyflossxCP keepon was made before. i remember cuz i was still using myspace when i heard about it. and thts cuz it had alredy been in development a year or two?

  8. I wanna? see it …
    I wanna? see it dance to “Cyclone” By Baby Bash. Screw it, *whistle* *whistle* here credy credy where are u?

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