ABB Robotics – Packaging Assembly

Vivabox is one of packaging producer BDMO’s largest product lines at its factory in Meulebeke, a town in the Flanders, Belgium. When they needed a solution to their automated packaging assembly needs BDMO requested offers from ABB System Integrator Viscon. Viscon’s winning offer proposed a ‘pick-and-place’ system that could handle 1,200 trays an hour.
A tight fit problem was resolved by using the 6-axis functionality of ABB’s IRB 120 robot; it inserts the tray at an angle before pushing it firmly down to the base and onto spots of glue.
The resulting solution now runs 16 hours a day in two shifts. Needless to say, the cost savings have been significant.
Looking ahead, BDMO will use robots to automate other production processes; for example, inserting one finished box inside another in order to reduce shipping costs.

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    @capnthepeafarmer No not all – but most of the most recent models have this capability. IRB 140, IRB? 120, IRB 6620, IRB 2600, IRB 4600. all details are on under robotics

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    @cityshots Its difficult to see? on the movie but the robot is “tucking” one corner of the molded poly formed trays into the box & then inseting with a small rotation.

  5. why a rotational …
    why a rotational movement when a linear would suffice… a lot of waste in tray? transport… but, thanks for the vid, interesting and informative

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    @cityshots Production rates are 1,400 trays. Pieter Debucquoy, BDMO’s Maintenance Coordinator, says, “The earlier production speed of 1,000 Vivaboxes was determined by the manual insertion process.
    The robotic solution gave us an immediate? 20 percent boost, and after the finetuning we have the possibility to add an additional 15 percent.” Ironically, the preceding part of the process has become the new bottleneck.

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