Orangutans Use Computers at US Zoo – INVENT [BroadbandTV]

These orang-utans in Atlanta Zoo in the state of Georgia love to swing from ropes and search for food. But they also love playing with computers. The orang-utans play games on a touch screen built into a tree-like structure in the enclosure, made to blend in with their environment.

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3 thoughts on “Orangutans Use Computers at US Zoo – INVENT [BroadbandTV]

  1. So What?! I’d love …
    So What?! I’d love to see you try teach a dog or a cat to do this. The whole point is not that they can use a computer, it’s the fact that the Orangutans are able to use the computer so they can research the sort of Cognitive skills they have. Then they can study their thought processes and we can understand more about what goes on upstairs.

  2. Oh big deal. My 71 …
    Oh big deal. My 71 year old mom uses the computer too. With almost the same success.

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