You may think robotic toys are out of fashion, but perhaps you would change your mind after seeing this toy robot in action. This particular retro toy robot pushes all the right buttons to make this a great gift for boys.

One of the simplest remote controlled robot toys out there, retro robot starts off with a great introduction that instructs ‘little master’ of his abilities in a polite and articulate simulated voice that’s very reminiscent of Bicentennial Man.

Imaginatively designed, this retro toy robot is ready for adventure with little master giving instructions with the simply laid out remote control.

Retro toy robot features a fantastic foam disk launcher. Use the remote control to point the robotic head and the foam disks are launched from his mouth! His chest shows scrolling scenes of dynamic Aimee adventure while his eyes light up and flash with artificial intelligence.

This dancing, stomping, sliding, blasting retro toy robot is the perfect friend for a daring young adventurer whose keen imagination is just itching for adventure!

Duration : 0:1:1

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