Comic Con ’11 part 5 robot kits

Yep, last video I took related to comic con, those 2 model kits I found for only $5 each. If you’re interested I’ll upload a video showing the process of making that Hime Brain Powered kit, otherwise I’ll just build it.

Duration : 0:7:26

[youtube nsA1qEI_7Rk]

4 thoughts on “Comic Con ’11 part 5 robot kits

  1. @14Mew the custom …
    @14Mew the custom robo is more or less 4 inches tall, she’d look eye to eye with most? 4 inch figures. Also, action figure model kits are very popular in Japan, though I think it’s a scam that they usually cost more than regular action figures, especially considering you have to do the assembly yourself.

  2. It was nice to see …
    It was nice to see your Drossel figure, pictures, like I’ve said beore, don’t do a figure justice. I would be quite interested in seeing a video of how you make your model. Everyone loves seeing your custom videos, so why? not a model video?

  3. yeah, there was a …
    yeah, there was a new custom robo for the gamecube, i have it. It’s a really fun game and I recommend. You’re really good at painting so it should pose little to no problem for you. Is the plastic clear? I assume? so because you say crystal. It’s pretty awesome that a MODEL is jointed. I’m jealoud of how cool it is. The cube is what the robos are kept in when not in battle, and the ‘jet pack’ is actually called a pod and the basically shoot bombs. I need to ask, how tall is she?

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