Sphero: iPhone Controlled Robotic Ball – CES 2012

Sphero is a robotic ball that you control from your iPhone. When you play games with it, you’re playing in both the virtual and real world at the same time.


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Duration : 0:2:41

[youtube 6_QYDn2yfuc]

25 thoughts on “Sphero: iPhone Controlled Robotic Ball – CES 2012

  1. // …
    //store.gosphero.com/checkouts/new this is? where you can get it i am a co developer

  2. I’m not trying to …
    I’m not trying to sell anything, this is just a free way to benefit by working together. Get the free app called app trailers, join and put in the bonus code morgna. Doing this will give both me and you free points on the app. Those points? transfer directly to money for iTunes, amazon.com and Xbox live, to name a few of the options. Once you join you can get more points by doing what I’m doing now. Please give it a try, I think you’ll be happy with the results. =)

  3. 1. Download the? …
    1. Download the? Free App??? “App Trailers”? or “AppRedeem” for Droid? Phones
    2. Enter promo code “spiderali97”
    3.?? Use points to redeem? the itunes $10? giftcard

  4. @Zhx12 Yes, Sphero? …
    @Zhx12 Yes, Sphero? is available on Android, and the SDK for developing Sphero apps on Android is also available at gosphero.com

  5. lots of potential. …
    lots of potential. Dev kit available… they have a lot? going for ’em.

  6. Looks like an …
    Looks like an awesome toy but i think it’s a little? to expensive for a robotic ball.

  7. @Simone96TV i don’t …
    @Simone96TV i don’t know there are people on YouTube that do that for no reason, and? thank you for not making fun of me

  8. @Simone96TV are …
    @Simone96TV are you making fun of me or do? u really think thats funny?

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