Nikon DSLR Bluetooth Controller (Android to Arduino)

This is the second version of my Nikon Bluetooth controller that I’ve been working on. The project is based around an Arduino and a BlueSmirf Bluetooth tranciever. In the first version, control of the camera was achieved using an IR LED, and emulating the Nikon IR remote. In this second version, the control is through the wired shutter-release/GPS port.

The camera I’m using is a Nikon D90, but this same controller would work on all Nikons that have the same shutter release/GPS port as the D90. Additionally, I’ve read about Canon and Sony DSLRs also having a wired shutter-release port that operates in the same way, you’d just have to find the pin-out of those ports and make your own connector .

On the Android side, right now I’m using SENA BTerm as the Bluetooth terminal. This isn’t a long term solution, but for now is a proof-of-concept that camera control from the phone is possible.

I’ve got a lot more ideas brewing on this project, and should have some updates on them before too long. Thanks for checking it out!

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16 thoughts on “Nikon DSLR Bluetooth Controller (Android to Arduino)

  1. Very decent work! …
    Very decent work! Is it possible to adjust shutter speed from the phone? I’m thinking? very long exposures as in astrophotography. Or maybe having the shutter separately open and close on command.

  2. This? is awesome. …
    This? is awesome. Would you give me some pointers and share the program 🙂

  3. wowww!i love the …
    wowww!i love the quality of images of this

    camera :)! Do you? know you can make Time

    Lapse Photography with this camera?
    These guys have an infrared time-lapse

    remote for NIKON cameras with infared, and

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  4. wowww!i love the …
    wowww!i love the quality of images? of this

    camera :)! Do you know you can make Time

    Lapse Photography with this camera?
    These guys have an infrared time-lapse

    remote for NIKON cameras with infared, and

    for every major brand of cameras! Check the


  5. If you? can get …
    If you? can get this to work on a D70 (not D70s), I’ll pull a Dr. Evil and pay you 100 trillion, billion dollars!

  6. @androidpolice such …
    @androidpolice such thing already exists, it’s called TriggerTrap and it already got more funding? than they needed. Adding a bluetooth board to it yourself is relatively easy.

  7. Have you ever …
    Have you ever thought of? doing a kickstarter project on this to get funding?

  8. @skamins1 Well the …
    @skamins1 Well the place to start is definitely with Arduino, I’m not sure if? you have any experience working with one, but if not, you should pick up an Arduino Uno for $30 over at and start playing around. Once you’re familiar with the Arduino stuff I’d be happy to give you some pointers of how mine is programmed and give you tips on the circuitry side of it too. Give it a shot, it’s a great project!

  9. Hey, I just …
    Hey, I just stumbled upon this and would be really interested in making? one of these for my Nikon, any suggestions to point me in the right direction? Thanks

  10. Cool!! I think you …
    Cool!! I think you can do even more with the new Android 80k for devices and can develop more useful devices for the future…? Keep it up!!

  11. Great! I am very …
    Great! I am very impressed with your job.
    I have seen you have trouble in entering command through SENA BTerm. You will be able to send command by clicking button instead of entering it, if you customize the data for function keys and special keys at SENA BTerm. You will find the feature at? Customizing Function Keys / Special Keys section of the SENA BTerm manual.
    I hope your ideas come true soon.

  12. @CalyptratusTZM …
    @CalyptratusTZM Thanks! This version should work on Canon? too, since I believe they have a similar 3-wire shutter release port, so a Canon version may be closer than you think!

  13. Great! Nice work …
    Great! Nice work there, I’ll put it on my camera-to-do list,? so perhaps there will be a Canon version posted in a few years 😉

  14. Nice Idea! I’m …
    Nice Idea! I’m thinking about another option to use your equipment: change the camera for strobes and create an application for Android/iPhone to fire external strobes when cell phone? cameras take a photo. This will create another level for cell phone photos.

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