Fijit Friends – Funny Interactive Toys Fijit Friends feature voice recognition so the child can give them voice commands. They’ve about 30 keyword phrases, that they can say and in addition they also have beat detection. See site to get the best deals and lowest prices on Fijit Friends!

Duration : 0:1:10

[youtube O0N7PWumz7g]

12 thoughts on “Fijit Friends – Funny Interactive Toys

  1. @prettyinpunk666 …
    @prettyinpunk666 Yes. They should make T-pain fijit and Cher fijits? too, in fact any artist that overdoes the autotune should end up with a funny little mini-me so that i can say “Hey T-pain, whatchou doin today?” and he’ll respond “I’m gonna buy you a drank!” or (Wayne) “I’m grinding till I die!”

  2. I can’t wait for? …
    I can’t wait for? the newest addition to the Fijit line – Lil Wayne.

  3. “Each Fijit friend? …
    “Each Fijit friend? has -her- own personality! Willa, Sage, LOGAN, Serafina!”

    Is Logan the butch one? LOL

  4. I have a friend …
    I have a friend named Serafina, she would? kill me if I send her this video. What the hell! I’m gonna do it!

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