EasyVR Shield for Arduino – Access Control Demo

This is a simple demo showing how you can use an EasyVR Shield with an Arduino to implement an access control system based on voice passwords.

In this demo we use the EasyVR Commander to train user names and passwords but you could also make a complete stand-alone system by integrating all training phases in your Arduino code as well.

First of all we create some voice recordings to guide the user during the demo and we transfer them into the EasyVR sound table, then we train user names in group 1 and related passwords in group 16.

In order to simulate the access opening and closing we used a simple servo. Obviously you are free to connect and control anything you like (for instance electrolocks or the like).

The Arduino code let the EasyVR wait for user names in group 1 and, if any name is recognized, the system asks for the related password. If the password is recognized the access is granted, if not the access is denied.

You can find the Arduino code in the Downloads section of the VeeaR website: http://www.veear.eu/

Duration : 0:3:38

[youtube SThR-jyoplk]

7 thoughts on “EasyVR Shield for Arduino – Access Control Demo

  1. @robotechsrl Hey I …
    @robotechsrl Hey I used version 5.2.1 (it seems to be the? latest)

  2. @ …
    @iReviewForiPodTouch Hello, which version? of QuickSynthesis did you install? Please use the latest version available on veear.eu and report any problem on the veear.eu forum.

  3. Hey, Itried to make …
    Hey, Itried to make the same project like your project. But my project has got? a fail: I uploaded 5 Sounds in QuickSynthesis and saved it in a .qxp-File. When I click “Build” and click after the big window “OK”, it says, that some files not compressed. I clicked “Yes” and it´s compressed! But after the compressing, it says again, that some files not compressed, and again and agian! When I try to load it into the EasyVR Commander, it says “Wrong Parameter”….

    Can you pleease help me?


  4. wow, i like this? …
    wow, i like this? board, unfortunately its very expensive 🙁

  5. thax i got code now …
    thax i got code now. i? can you use but i couldnt update my sound table because i just have easyvr module.i dont have easyvr shield. can you send any photo without shield boot mode.

  6. @omeroruc000
    Hello …

    Hello, you can find the Arduino code of this demo in the “downloads” section of? the Veear.eu website.
    Kind regards.

  7. hi! can you upload …
    hi! can you upload the arudino code i couldnt find it i need to control 5 servos with voice i have easyvr module? and arduino uno

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