The Latest In Hobby Robotics 19

Chris The Carpenter is giving his wife a ride, Jaimie’s robot is now bigger than him, MarkusB keeps launching rockets, Stoerpeak has made a cheap robot arm that can copy moves, and LMR is written in sweets by mogul’s m&m sorter #3. All this in what will be the last version of the weekly version of The Latest in Hobby Robotics. Hosted by Frits Lyneborg.

Here are links related to this show:

Chris The Carpenter’s robot Walter:

Jaimie’s Giant Robot Project:

MarkusB’s Sky observer V3

Stoerpeak’s mini robotic arm

mogul’s m&m sorter #3:

Inspiration any time:

How to build a robot: on twitter:

Music used in this video:
Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons “Attribution 3.0”

Duration : 0:5:14

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25 thoughts on “The Latest In Hobby Robotics 19

  1. kid: walks in don’t …
    kid: walks in don’t do that? mommy dont do that. show that kid whos boss

  2. Yes, Carrie, you …
    Yes, Carrie, you did do it! You were told to lean way back, but you didn’t. Even if you didn’t believe him, the first time he tried to go forward, it tipped forward a small amount. This should have told you that he was right and? that you were indeed way too forward and that you should have leaned back to compensate, but again, you didn’t. So it is all your fault. For shame, you… you lean forwarder, you!

  3. omg I need that …
    omg I need that robot to separate my M&M’s by? color for me!! Never again will I have to eat a yellow one.

  4. It’s too bad you’re …
    It’s too bad you’re going to a once a month show. I liked the informal video’s from your workshop.? It reflects the “hobby” character of the show and the projects you show us. It doesn’t need to be more polished.

  5. this is better than …
    this is better than Make Live!? why not make the Make Live on monthly instead, and retain this one for once a week. aint that cool??

  6. @rockstarmaniac717 …
    @rockstarmaniac717 then go build one, its not? that hard. On the LMR site there is lots of details about my robot, and lots of realy nice people willing to help you build a robot. We are not going to do it for you, but if you are trying yourself and run out of luck chances are that somebody there know a way to get you back on track. Unless you go the MarcusB route, building robots is a relative safe hobby, give it a try!

  7. Totally …
    Totally dissappointing! 🙁

    I totally disagree with the whole once a month planned/canned show. Down with that. ? I really like off the cuff weekly shows. When Bre was doing the Make Project videos it was great…. now the produced stuff bites.


    But… I really really appreciate you taking your time to make videos in the first place. I enjoy them very much.

  8. number 19 is the …
    number 19 is the last one????
    i think there will be a? secret number 20 😀

  9. I had no idea that …
    I had no idea that there was a problem with the quality of the video. If that’s the case, I’d? rather have a mediocre weekly video vs a Hollywood monthly video.

  10. if you’re just …
    if you’re just gonna have? one video once a month at least make the video 10 minutes or more please!

  11. I am looking for …
    I am looking for information on robotics for an 8 yr? old. It is required for a school project.

  12. Bummer…very …
    Bummer…very disappointing that your only going to be? on once a month! (poor choice by Make). Thanks for all the great vids you’ve done so far

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