KeyPad + Arduino P1

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Key Pad:

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  1. kdarrah1234 Avatar

    @TheXXSCOPEDXx …

  2. TheXXSCOPEDXx Avatar

    where did you get …
    where did you get your keypad???

  3. kdarrah1234 Avatar

    @axel1973w yea, …
    @axel1973w yea, that is a pretty cool? way to do it!

  4. axel1973w Avatar

    Here is a nice App …
    Here is a nice App Note from ST about how to use JUST ONE ANALOG IN? PIN for an 10 Button KeyPad – Enter Google and search for “Using ST6 analog inputs for multiple key decoding”

  5. manutube8080 Avatar

    @axel1973w Mine has …
    @axel1973w Mine has 10? =(

  6. kdarrah1234 Avatar

    @1324itouch? good …
    @1324itouch? good idea, that would’ve been a pretty cool design

  7. 1324itouch Avatar

    @kdarrah1234 Well …
    @kdarrah1234 Well you could get away with 4 io pins. Power 3 pins and have the other 4 pins hooked up to different resistors hoked up to one? analog pin

  8. kdarrah1234 Avatar

    @axel1973w yep, …
    @axel1973w yep, that’s a good idea, but it would be difficult to implement since the keypad architecture is already arranged in a row/column matrix. I? agree though!!

  9. axel1973w Avatar

    Wasting 7 digital …
    Wasting 7 digital ports for a simple keypad ?!? make 7 digi ports ONE analog port using chained resistors and messuring the voltage on? the analog it should do it.

  10. coasterboy5 Avatar

    @kdarrah1234 …
    @kdarrah1234 thanks yer i worked it out in the end ! =D?

  11. kdarrah1234 Avatar

    @coasterboy5 Can’t …
    @coasterboy5 Can’t remember off the top of my head, but I just put the code link in the? description

  12. coasterboy5 Avatar

    Hi what pins do you …
    Hi what pins do you link up to the arduino to the keypad?
    It would be most help full to find out ๐Ÿ™‚

    And I’ve been looking at all your other? videos very interesting stuff not to mention helpful to =D

  13. kdarrah1234 Avatar

    @WeAreTwoDoorsDown …
    @WeAreTwoDoorsDown nice one! I’ll? try that out next time

  14. WeAreTwoDoorsDown Avatar

    To “Debounce”, I do …
    To “Debounce”, I do this:

    if(currentstate == HIGH && previousstate == LOW)

    That is if you have the external pull down resistor.

    And at the very ent you put

    previousstate? = currentstate;

  15. kdarrah1234 Avatar

    @stteneff good …
    @stteneff good point!! you have to test out that debounce timing. It took me a while to fine tune mine,? but it still screws up if I type it too fast

  16. stteneff Avatar

    I haven’t watched …
    I haven’t watched P2 yet, but what happens if your password is 11223 and you’re very? quick with typing ๐Ÿ™‚

  17. kdarrah1234 Avatar

    @spasdar Well, in …
    @spasdar Well, in that case you wouldn’t need the resistor to ground since you are using a digital output pin to drive the input. That digital output pin can only be high or low. In the case of a button, the point of the pull up, or pull down resistor is to make sure of this. Still not sure about why your code isn’t working though. Make sure you haven’t enabled the pull up resistor internally… after you set the? input pin, make sure you don’t try to write to that pin

  18. spasdar Avatar

    @kdarrah1234? ah …
    @kdarrah1234? ah well i’m not using any buttons right now. i’m just testing it out with _one_ wire ๐Ÿ™‚

  19. kdarrah1234 Avatar

    @spasdar hmmm… …
    @spasdar hmmm… not really sure what’s going on there. Well, part of the fun with these projects is troubleshooting. ? I think I even had problems with mine originally. I would recommend getting/building a continuity meter and test to see how the buttons are arranged in the grid… rows, columns

  20. spasdar Avatar

    so i’ve been …
    so i’ve been testing this out by connecting a wire from one pin to another with a 10k to ground between the pin and wire. then i have a simple code setup to light up a led when i insert the wire into the breadboard but i cant get it to work.

    i set the output pin to high, check to see if the input is high and if so, light up the led. i think i got the part with the resistor wrong because it works without it ๐Ÿ˜› but theres almost a 2 second delay until the led turns off after i? unplug the wire

  21. kdarrah1234 Avatar

    @spasdar I’m …
    @spasdar I’m thinking you would probably want to use the mega; The duemilanove gives you 14 digital pins plus 6 analog pins, which you can use? for digital inputs as well, so you could do it, but you would be maxed out. The mega would probably be a better choice, because you could add other components to the project, like lights, buzzers, an LCD screen, whatever… good luck!!

  22. kdarrah1234 Avatar

    @nadav0ami thanks, …
    @nadav0ami thanks, more coming… hope I’m not boring anybody, there is always the back? button!

  23. nadav0ami Avatar

    thank you? for the …
    thank you? for the daily uploads ๐Ÿ˜€

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