Choreographing an Army of Elmo Robots

Adrianne Wortzel first saw Tickle-Me-Elmo-TMX during her residency in the Artificial Intelligence Lab in Zurich, Switzerland, and noticed something interesting about the robotic toy. It wasn’t long before she amassed an army of them. And what army is complete without synchronized maneuvers…

The full piece (just robots):

More of Adrianne’s Work:

Duration : 0:4:40

[youtube bYoVQZXDCw8]

15 thoughts on “Choreographing an Army of Elmo Robots

  1. what a low blow by …
    what a low blow by toy maker to connect her to their legal department! I’m sad…?

  2. this is great, the …
    this is great, the artist has tapped into something that I think many people have tried with automated toys, the power of unison, Walking by the toy aisles of walmart I would try to activate a bunch of the same toy models at once, to hear a quasi-chorus of their recordings and movements. It was fun, and admittedly still is as an adult? 🙂

  3. I was hoping to see …
    I was hoping to see them in action. Is there some? other place to go to see that?

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