FANUC Robotics Engineer Jessica Beltran talks Robotics, STEM Education

FANUC Robotics’ Educational Robot Training:

Meet Jessica Beltran.

Jessica, just 23 years old, works at FANUC Robotics America where she is a product manager and engineer of the Material Handling robot segment. This means that Jessica works on developing and programming industrial robots that handle products we use every day – from food & beverage products, to consumer products like batteries, and maybe even the computer keyboard you’re typing on – just about anything can be handled or built by FANUC’s full line of material handling industrial robots.

Growing up, Jessica’s friends and family worked in computer sciences and she became interested in the same studies. Jessica says that when she learned about engineering she knew it was a perfect fit.

Jessica: “Yeah, I mean I was good at Math and Science – I preferred those classes over English or History or anything and I enjoyed it much more. A lot of the things was hands on: taking things apart, working with computers – Those were the main things that geared me toward an Engineering degree.”

I learned about what Engineering was, and I said that’s basically; That’s exactly what I wanted to do.”

So Jessica attended Kettering University where she learned the skills necessary to become an engineer. However she didn’t start learning about industrial robots until her first visit to FANUC Robotics.

Jessica: “The first time I walked in this building and took a tour, I thought it was pretty cool seeing these robots working on their own and moving at that fast of motion. The front lobby has two LR Mates in there that – that’s the first time I’ve ever seen them in action.”

“Robot intelligence – it’s always developing. It’s pretty cool – there’s always something new out there to make the robot even smarter. Then I ran into robotics – FANUC Robotics – and that’s pretty much where I grew into it as I started working here.”

Today, Jessica works with a team of FANUC Robotics engineers who support each other, and FANUC Robotics, to help build robots and robot systems that make a lot of the products that we use every day. This is another reason Jessica enjoys working with FANUC Robots and would encourage students interested in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics to consider a career in robotics.

Jessica: “Robotics can be – has a wide range of industries you can work with. For example I work a lot with the picking and packing industry which works a lot with the food industry, pharmaceuticals, medical… anything really!

Robotics is really like everything, really, all of the different kinds of Math, Science and the different types of Engineering all put together into one. If you start gearing more toward robotics it’s good to have a well rounded background of education

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