First Arduino Project – Bluetooth Arduino Android RC Car

This is my first project with Arduino.

The car has been modified to be controlled by an Arduino and the communication is done through a BT module connected to an Android mobile.

The functions implemented are running fordward, reverse and turbo, turn right and left, lights on short and long and reversing light.

List of items used:

– Cheap RC Car
– Arduino Board (Mega2560)
– BlueTooth module (RF-BT0417C)
– 6 white LEDs (2 short lights, 2 long lights, 2 reverse lights)
– 2 red LEDs (short lights)
– Ni-MH Battery (650mAh)

– Android Mobile (Nexus One)

Project URL:

Duration : 0:2:23

[youtube 2HlL3URZyAs]

24 thoughts on “First Arduino Project – Bluetooth Arduino Android RC Car

  1. I? have long tried …
    I? have long tried to write an app that can do something similar to the app you have. is it possible that you will send me the app code??

  2. apology? is …
    apology? is necessary to have that scale of 1:16 or car can be done with any other and must be equal to that phone or have any other android . please answer me

  3. how did you make …
    how did you make the car as i would like? to make a car like this, is it easy to do great idee more fun with a smartphone that a regular controller

  4. Muy buen proyecto, …
    Muy buen proyecto, podrias compartir todo la documentaciòn que tienes? para el desarrollo de este proyecto ?

  5. how did u make the …
    how did u make the app cause id like permission to change it up a little because i? just made a tank robot and finished scripting for communication with the computer thru bluetooth but cant make a app to connect to it and controll it like u do with the if button released it stops thanks

  6. love this project, …
    love this project, i recently got the Arduino Uno and plan on doing some fun stuff with it over winter break, idk if you can transfer video over BT? but that would be pretty awesome to have installed on the car if there is room for it.

  7. Hello, I? was …
    Hello, I? was wondering if you could share some schematics and a little bit of code from your awsome project 🙂 You can private message me. Thanks in advance ! Anything would be appreciated

  8. Exelente proyecto! …
    Exelente proyecto! me gustaria que me pudieras orientar en la parte de la app para android como programar la aplicacion para que se pueda comunicar por BT y por medio del acelerometro del Android, estoy haciendo un proyecto parecido para materia de interfaces, me gustaria que me pudieras orientar, te deje un correo en la pagina del proyecto, no he tenido respuesta, agradeceria? tu ayuda.

  9. I’m? planning to …
    I’m? planning to get my first arduino, but i dunno which one i should get. I’ve seen Android Arduino’s should i get one?

  10. Good job!? What …
    Good job!? What kind of range can you get before the pairing connection breaks? For my own completely different project I like bluetooth because it’s cheaper than wifi but don’t know if it can go the distance.

  11. i want to learn …
    i want to learn interfacing bluetooth module with arduino board. plz help!!
    n how to write? an android program????

  12. Very nice, looks …
    Very nice, looks almost like a commercial product already!

    Wouldn’t it be handy if the UI on phone was horisontal? You could use two hands for the controls, one on either side. That would resemble more holding actual steering wheel.? And it would be faster I think.

  13. Very nice project, …
    Very nice project, the best with arduino and bluettoth? in youtube!
    Could you do a tutorial about how to make a app like yours or just tell me with software you used.
    And if you share your sorce code will be so nice!

  14. cool car! I’ve been …
    cool car! I’ve been working on one as well and now is on the app stage.? I’m having trouble getting ASCII commands out to BlueSMiRF in ANdroid. Do you have any references or source codes I can refer to? Thanks!

  15. @dgarrote Nice. I …
    @dgarrote Nice. I will need to get a Bluetooth module then, I just started with Android apps too 😀
    What do you use for Android apps, is? it Eclipse?

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