Arduino + Flash + Android

This video demos the use of flash and android in a physical computing scenario interfacing with an arduino board!

Basics of How to Do This:

– Connect your arduino via USB.
– Create an AIR app that is listening on an open port. (ServerSocket Class).
– Have the AIR app also connect to Serproxy (a simple serial proxy). This will pipe all arduino data to and from the AIR server.
– Create an AIR/Android app that connects to AIR Server IP:Port.(nstall it on your device)
– Send cmds to the AIR Server when you click on a btn in your Android app.
– When the AIR server receives the Data from your Android relay it to arduino using StandardFirmata 2.0

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Another demo of same setup controlling a TV!!!!!

Duration : 0:1:18

[youtube 2RQaUOZMjJo]

24 thoughts on “Arduino + Flash + Android

  1. Where can we get …
    Where can we get the code for the server and the phone??? It is very? nice 🙂

  2. by far my favorite …
    by far my favorite desk ever!, I love “L” shaped corner desks. This one is probably ~10 years old from office max or something. I’m? sure IKEA sells similar ones now.

  3. hey nice video, i …
    hey nice video, i have a question in mind, maybe you can help to resolve it
    I’ve seen a new arduino board named ¨arduino mega adk¨ for android, and apparently is supports usb host, wich i don’t understand becuase i’ve seen people connecting his android device to the arduino uno board which doesn’t support usb host, so what? is the arduino mega adk usuful for?

  4. Yes you can do this …
    Yes you can do this with a Ethernet or WIFI shield. When recording this I had neither of those. This example? is also written in Actionscript and deployed using Adobe AIR for Mobile to the Android device. Currently Adobe AIR can not directly interface with serial ports which in this case is the USB data coming in from the Arduino and why I had to create a Intermediate server to process commands.? The server I built also allows for multiple clients(mobile phones) to send commands.

  5. I’m just curious, …
    I’m just curious, I’ve seen a lot of people interfacing through a server running on a PC to an Arduino when the Ethernet shield could? easily do the same thing, is there a reason behind this I’m missing?

  6. Dude.. basic? …
    Dude.. basic? Damn…. if that’s? basic I got a long way to go!
    Great job and thank you much for the presentation!

  7. Great video 😀 I’ m …
    Great video 😀 I’ m a beginner.
    So basically, AIR is something set up on my android? Then i connect the AIR app with arduino with serproxy(which i dont know). AIR server is on android right?
    Lastly, using firmata, i basically, send commands to arduino? I am controlling it wirelessly right? So i need something for that? as well right?

  8. Could you just tell …
    Could you just tell me if you know a easy way to send data from arduino to android instead?? (I plan to make a project that would send sms? from information on my computer or arduino) so if i cant i wont go learn that much deep of AIR. Please answer me it would really motivate me to have a possibility of succes =D

  9. wow..thanks for the …
    wow..thanks for the explanation
    if i didn’t use computer, but i connect directly the ADK to Android..should I use this arduino?..because many video use arduino for they project.
    i will create application for monitoring heartbeat in android but directly connect to android not? use computer..but i still confuse for I/O device

  10. You don’t have to …
    You don’t have to use the ADK(Android Open Accessory Development Kit) to develop Physical Computing software. I chose to use an Arduino because the support is very good and it has a large following/community. I use a Motorola Droid 2 but any device could potentially work(blackberry, iphone, android phones,? windows phones) It depends what technology your using.

  11. it must use ADK …
    it must use ADK from google or i can create it myself ?..and what kind of? phone that support this feature ?

  12. @innad92 my fb …
    @innad92 my fb fanpage is @ the bottom of the video? description now. Thanks for your interest

  13. u have … u have Facebook so i can contact a i have and android phone n i want to learn how to interface those two? things

  14. With a custom built …
    With a custom built java launcher you can tap into any native api service on Android devices. Google “Extending Air? for Android”

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