DARPA’s Robotic Suspension System – M3 Program

The use of ground robots in military explosive-ordinance-disposal missions already saves many lives and prevents thousands of other casualties. If the current limitations on mobility and manipulation capabilities of robots can be overcome, robots could potentially assist warfighters across a greater range of missions. DARPA’s Maximum Mobility and Manipulation (M3) program seeks to create and demonstrate significant scientific and engineering advances in robot mobility and manipulation capabilities.

This video shows a modified iRobot 510 PackBot equipped with an advanced suspension system maneuvering on a test course. The compliant suspension improves the robot’s mobility over rough and uneven terrain. The technological enhancement enables faster transit speeds, climbing of very steep slopes, improved heading control, greater accommodation of debris entering the suspension and reduced impact forces on carried payloads.

M3 is a research program aimed at improving robot capabilities through fundamentally new approaches to the engineering of better design tools, fabrication methods and control algorithms. The program covers scientific advancement across four parallel tracks: design tools, fabrication methodologies, control methods and technology-demonstration prototypes. The prototypes demonstrated are designed to test technological advances in robotics across a range of functions, and are not necessarily intended to enter production for military use.

The DARPA M3 performer for the Advanced Suspension for Improved Mobility system is iRobot of Bedford, Mass.

For more information on the M3 program, please visit http://go.usa.gov/E0B

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  1. cybermanchik Avatar

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  2. MrFu709851 Avatar

    I mean, suspension …
    I mean, suspension vs. non-suspension? What? kind of demonstration is that? WTF?!?

  3. MrFu709851 Avatar

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    were…. I understand my grammatical? error, yet acknowledge that it in no way negates my intent…

  4. MrFu709851 Avatar

    Really? This is …
    Really? This is supposed to prove a “new concept”? I’m pretty sure that suspension systems for treaded vehicles was developed VERY shortly after WWI, as I saw? it implemented on EVERY tank during WWII. How about we cut the propaganda BS and demonstrate REAL advances in technology? KTHXBAI

  5. 000vortex Avatar

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  7. 000vortex Avatar

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  8. abecx Avatar

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    Geckos stick to the wall because of the? many tiny hairs on their skin, we created Velcro in the same way. So yeah, look forward to the day it was created over 60 years ago.

  9. Ls2bluGoat Avatar

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    It? already has.

  10. brunogebarski Avatar

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    God’s creation has simply been studied and? imitated! There is nothing new under the sun! Look at how a Gecko holds on to a wall and wonder how this is possible! I am looking forward to the day a human being will be able to make a piece of equipment that will be able to do the same thing!

  11. PelczarTomasz Avatar

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    ARPA had inspired me within networking, this robot is outstanding to walk though the Mars … To walk thought the Venus or Mercury we need to use special materials like wolfram, which can work on? the higher temperatures, which is not required within the planet Mars …

  12. koffeekage Avatar

    it slings forward …
    it slings forward really hard on stops i wonder if? they can program the suspension to tighten while stopping

  13. mahchymk93 Avatar

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    bullshit, my car has that.? it’s called springs.

  14. SuperScruffypuppy Avatar

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    easy? to make

  15. adrianld1 Avatar

    Am kinda surprise …
    Am kinda surprise how this? vid is mostly watched in Russia than America -_-

  16. EOMFDcox Avatar

    As an EOD Tech. I …
    As an EOD Tech. I would? give my first born to actually have this in the field.

  17. alexdhenley Avatar

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    somebody played with LEGO’s as a kid…?

  18. ProjectsBlack Avatar

    @DARPAtv Hi, …
    @DARPAtv Hi, could you tell me,is DARPA working on time travel and worm hole technology, or even interstellar? travel?


  19. falseprophet000 Avatar

    Who’s going to sue …
    Who’s going to sue DARPA? I don’t think the American military industrial complex is compelled to respond to petty lawsuits. Sounds like more whining who hate America and are scared shitless by our power. Let’s talk about the Chinese and their inability to develop? new technologies without stealing them from the United States. Regardless, America is at least 50 years ahead of our closest competition in military technology. Check mate mother fuckers.

  20. SPrangER610 Avatar


  21. xxXProLiteXxx Avatar

    Just look at it. …
    Just look at it. Torsion suspension uses a torsion spring with leavers to capture? the impact force of the wheel. No need for springs, pistons and rockers. It’s lighter and more compact. Look it up.

  22. Faaaaaaaaaaaaz Avatar

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    And? where does it say that?

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