DARPA Robot Masters Stairs

This video shows versions of DARPA and Boston Dynamics robots climbing stairs, walking on a treadmill and doing pushups.

A modified platform resembling these robots is expected to be used as government-funded equipment (GFE) for performers in Tracks B and C of the DARPA Robotics Challenge (http://www.darpa.mil/NewsEvents/Releases/2012/04/10.aspx). The GFE Platform is expected to have two arms, two legs, a torso and a head, and will be physically capable of performing all of the tasks required for the disaster response scenarios scheduled in the Challenge. However, despite the appearance of the robots in the video, the Challenge is decidedly not exclusive to humanoid robot solutions. Any designs are welcome provided they are compatible with shared human-robot environments, compatible with human tools, and compatible with human operators so that a human without expertise in robotics can give commands and confidently anticipate the response.

It is DARPA’s position that achieving true innovation in robotics, and thus success in the Robotics Challenge, will require contributions from communities beyond traditional robotics developers. Hardware, software, modeling and gaming developers are sought to link with emergency response and various science communities to devise novel solutions that enable robots to respond to disasters according to the tasks laid out in DARPA’s announcement (http://go.usa.gov/mVj) for the Challenge.

Duration : 0:2:5





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  1. AlecTheConfused Avatar

    1.50 – ? Swag. lol
    1.50 – ? Swag. lol

  2. indalecio21 Avatar

    Usa? wont send …
    Usa? wont send human troops to take over the oil…

    They will send Robot troopers…

  3. creaturebotman Avatar

    They? Rule …

    They? Rule humanoid robots!

  4. XRayCam Avatar

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  5. powerone1 Avatar

    Sometime I hear …
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  6. powerone1 Avatar

    It isn’t DARPA,? it …
    It isn’t DARPA,? it is Boston Dynamics. DARPA is only funding the research.

  7. cench Avatar

    00:20 that slow …
    00:20 that slow motion is a shame for darpa. come on guys, use your 1000fps? cameras!

  8. powerone1 Avatar

    Are you a woman? …
    Are you a woman? Seriously, your comments make you sound? like a little bitch.

  9. XRayCam Avatar

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  10. APokeInTheEye Avatar

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  11. whambamram Avatar

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  12. powerone1 Avatar

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  13. XRayCam Avatar

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  14. XRayCam Avatar

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  15. XRayCam Avatar

    30 years…Hmmm,

    30 years…Hmmm,
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  16. powerone1 Avatar

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  18. powerone1 Avatar

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    the answer? to your question is no.

  19. powerone1 Avatar

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    when it is in its final developmental stage, it will probably come at from the water. :-D?

  20. powerone1 Avatar

    what do you mean by …
    what do you mean by “outside help or reverse engineering”, from who??

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