ABB Robotics – Dual Arm Concept Robot

The concept robot was created in response to requests from ABB Robotics’ existing customer base to develop robotic solutions for manufacturing environments in which humans and robots would be able to work together. This 14-axis, dual arm robot is the initial output from ABB Corporate Research’s initiative for industries requiring new and innovative solutions for their small part assembly operations.

As a result of the positive reaction to this initial effort, ABB is now engaged in the further development of this concept. The robot is also part of a research program aimed at evaluating new robotic solutions for modern manufacturing concepts (FP7 Rosetta).

There are no immediate plans by ABB Robotics to introduce the robot as a commercial product, however, should you wish to discuss your robotics requirements for small part assembly operations, we would be interested in hearing from you.

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  1. higherthanyou2 Avatar

    We’re? fucked
    We’re? fucked

  2. Stefanpohl Avatar

    Man, I can’t wait …
    Man, I can’t wait to see? millions of inefficient Chinese workers at Foxconn to be replaced by these great robots.

  3. ABBRobotics Avatar

    @atlantech1966 …
    @atlantech1966 sorry to tell you the payload is 0.5kg on each arm. But if you talk to the ABB Robotics team in Auburn Hills? they have experience with mobile rescue units using the larger robot arms.

  4. atlantech1966 Avatar

    Perfect operating …
    Perfect operating attachment for rescue unit. What is your expected production levels? Would like to acquire 20+ units a year. What is the lift capacity… 50-80 lbs??

  5. TheCollo67 Avatar

    wow! Love? it!
    wow! Love? it!

  6. ABBRobotics Avatar

    The robot is? in …
    The robot is? in production trials with selected companies who are active in small parts assembly. No plans for a general release.

  7. ABBRobotics Avatar

    @danx15 @ataraxic89 …
    @danx15 @ataraxic89 I suggest you use the “Careers” link at the top of the home page. There you can search for & apply for? jobs in ABB. Good luck.

  8. zanshin720 Avatar

    Is this going to …
    Is this going to be? made?

  9. Youhuafu Avatar

    Hope to see you? …
    Hope to see you? soon.

  10. danxl5 Avatar

    I’m an …
    I’m an International Business Management student and I want to work for? them too!
    Give us jobs ABB!

  11. CxC2007 Avatar

    This? is SOOO cool
    This? is SOOO cool

  12. ataraxic89 Avatar

    I am currently a? …
    I am currently a? computer engineering student, I am interested in getting into robotics as a career. Any tips? ABB might be a great place to work!

  13. ABBRobotics Avatar

    @littlestworkshop …
    @littlestworkshop so glad? you like our new concept.

  14. littlestworkshop Avatar


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