Sentai other DX mecha toys CM compilation

other sentai mechs toy CMs. the second or more mechs we mean.

DX Flash Titan (Flashman)
DX Galaxy Robo (Maskman)
DX Live Boxer (Liveman)
DX Super Five Robo and DX MaxMagma (Fiveman)
DX Kakure Dai Shogun (Kakuranger)
DX Red Puncher, DX OHBlocker and DX King Pyramider (OHranger)
DX Super Galaxy Mega (Megaranger)
DX Travelion and DX MagiLegend (Magiranger)
DX SirenBuilder (Boukenger)

Duration : 0:4:34

[youtube Agl4gH1sS8I]

15 thoughts on “Sentai other DX mecha toys CM compilation

  1. The first one is …
    The first one is optimus prime notice how he also combines with his trailer? that mysteriously disapears there for a second

  2. that’s DX …
    that’s DX Turboranger for Hikari? Sentai Maskman is for launching DX Great Five machines!!!

  3. The only one? near …
    The only one? near to that form is EngineOh G6 (notice the feet, helmet and arms) from Engine Squadron Go-Onger.

  4. Have you ever …
    Have you ever noticed that GouraiSempuujin of Ninja Peace Task Force Hurricanger is a play on Super Live Robo of the Super Beast Task Force Liveman? They both form? in very very similar ways. XD

  5. hey, did? the …
    hey, did? the Flashpoint Megazord ever see a U.S. toy release?

  6. Um I don’t have one …
    Um I don’t have one, hard to find? on youtube

  7. Super Live Robo’s …
    Super Live Robo’s arm positions on? 1:03, is the same for GoGo-V’s Max Victory Robo.

  8. the japanese …
    the japanese commercials were always cooler than the american case they? get all the good Relases

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