Fiberoptic joystick with quadrature encoders and arduino

I have designed and built a joystick that contains no electronic parts — only fiberoptics. The motion is sensed via quadrature encoding, and the signal processing is handled by an arduino microcontroller.

How to terminate fiberoptics:

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  1. rich1051414 Avatar

    So is this …
    So is this basically operating like an optical mouse with its optics extended to? an external enclosure via fiber? Seems simple enough to me, although I have never? tried that, so i am sure there are a few speed bumps I am not thinking about. How difficult would it be to pad the radius of the stick above the socket so it would return to it’s default state automatically? Would this add undesired resistance?

  2. undamned Avatar

    Nice project! It …
    Nice project! It seems there would be a way to utilize one light emitter source, rather than 4 discrete (sort of like a “common ground” for light), but? then again, whatever sort of light splitter you use inside the joystick case might end up being more costly than the 4 discrete light sources setup.

  3. bkraz333 Avatar

    Yes, it was …
    Yes, it was designed? for use in MRI and MEG scanners.

  4. cjmitz Avatar

    Hi Ben,? just …
    Hi Ben,? just interested to know whether this was ever used in MRI environments or intrinsically safe? Thanks!

  5. soloartist232 Avatar

    most people who …
    most people who watch your channel? are electronics enthusiasts or electrical engineers. i hope you’ll change your mind about making schematics. you are my hero, i can’t believe how prolific you are with these projects. they’re all so diverse. thank you for making this channel, it really inspired me.

  6. bkraz333 Avatar

    I designed and …
    I designed and built this circuit incrementally and never wrote a schematic. It would take a fair bit of work to? write a schematic now, and I doubt very many people would care to look at it.

  7. soloartist232 Avatar

    hi? ben, how come …
    hi? ben, how come you don’t show a circuit schematic for any of these projects?

  8. rodstartube Avatar

    thank you for …
    thank you for sharing, it was very practical and informative?

  9. bkraz333 Avatar

    As with most …
    As with most electronic design projects, the majority of the budget is spent on time for? testing, assembly, redesign, and retesting. This project also involved CNC high-accuracy machining and CAD work. The parts cost was about 20% of the $4750 retail price. I’ve been working on ways to reduce the cost, and I think may be able to pass on some savings in future production.

  10. MrMilarepa108 Avatar

    Hey, wow, although …
    Hey, wow, although our lab already has a joystick, I think this is a really awesome projects. I always wanted to look into build custom interfaces, thanks for giving me a head start on this, really cool project! May I ask about the price of the? fiberoptic cable and the total budget?

  11. bkraz333 Avatar

    Thanks! This …
    Thanks! This joystick will be used? in MEG scanner machines where electronics or even slightly magnetic metal may cause image artifacts in the scanner data.

  12. pcbheaven Avatar

    What is the reason …
    What is the reason for a completely metal free joystick? It is a very nice job though!? i will feature it in my site.

  13. ntjbjhq Avatar

    Cool project!?
    Cool project!?

  14. jeriellsworth Avatar


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