Arduino script not working?

the script isn't compiling. it says: expected initializer before 'void' how can i fix this also, i want to be able to set the buttons on the transmitt…
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2 thoughts on “Arduino script not working?

  1. You could store each pattern in an array.
    In your setup() function you could call the RandomSeed() function with some random number generated from something then call Random() in the loop() function to get a random number which you could use as an index it your pattern array.

    Alternatively you could just iterate through you pattern array and use the pattern.

    And note that probably a better place to ask this question would be in the Arduino Forum at
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  2. random code with arduino?
    I’m trying to run random light patterns on 8 LEDs through a shift register. In simple terms, I’m going to have a list of light patterns and have some code to select at random a pattern to send to the shift register. I’m completely new to arduino coding and have no idea what script tools to use to make this work. If you’re experienced at this or know where I can find help for this please let me know. thank you. I’ll also add information as needed.

    Other info.
    Arduino Uno R3
    Shift register 74hc595

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